Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Vote for who you want to win!

    • Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Vote for who you want to win!

      Everyone thinks they could run their own wrestling company, but we were determined to prove it, with the Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft!

      Making their picks in the following order were:

      You can see the draft’s introduction and rules here. The picks were:

      • Round One: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy.
      • Round Two: Gedo, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose.
      • Round Three: Christian, Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, Seth Rollins.
      • Round Four: Shelton Benjamin, The Young Bucks, Austin Aries, AJ Styles.
      • Round Five: Shane Strickland, Antonio Cesaro, reDRagon, Bobby Roode.
      • Round Six: Samoa Joe, Bad Influence, Ricochet, Gail Kim.
      • Round Seven: Davey Boy Smith Jr., American Wolves, Akira Tozawa, Time Splitters.
      • Round Eight: Forever Hooligans, William Regal, Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano, Sheamus.
      • Round Nine: Athena, Adam Cole, Big E. Langston, Jay Lethal.
      • Round Ten: Jessicka Havok, AJ Lee, Kana, Jeremy Borash.
      • Round Eleven: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Joseph Park Esq., Nigel McGuinness, Mike Bennett.
      • Round Twelve: Tyson Kidd, Paul London, Jigsaw, MVP.

      Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: The Vote!

      It’s time for you to decide whose promotion you think has the best chance of being successful in the tough business that is professional wrestling in 2013.

      Here’s the scenario that was presented to them:

      “With a financial backer, you will be starting a brand new promotion with a small TV deal (similar to TNA’s), with your goal being to be a profitable company that stays in business as long as possible.

      You will each draft a total of 12 performers (including one female wrestler and one non-wrestler) over the course of 12 rounds (in the spirit of John Cena movies, obviously).”

      The rules were as follows:

      • Only active wrestlers are allowed.
      • Wrestlers from anywhere in the world or any promotion are allowed.
      • You can only pick as many as THREE male WWE wrestlers and THREE male TNA wrestlers. After that, you must pick wrestlers outside of WWE and TNA.
      • Similar to the NFL fantasy having kicker and defense, at least one of the twelve picks MUST be a female wrestler to be the cornerstone(s) of the division and at least one MUST be a non-wrestler (i.e. an announcer/booker/agent/whatever you want). Neither the female wrestler or the non-wrestler will count as one of your three WWE picks or three TNA picks (so you can have three WWE male wrestlers and three TNA male wrestlers, and still choose a female wrestler or non-wrestler from WWE and TNA).
      • Tag teams will count as one pick, but the tag team must be current and you must intend to use them as a tag team (i.e. you couldn’t pick The Shield with the intention of using Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as singles wrestlers).

      With that in mind, take a look below for a final reminder of each of the fantasy federations with a final statement from each of our draft pickers. Then, at the bottom, you’ll find a poll where you can pick who you think should win! Voting will end at midnight on Thursday, September the 12th. 

      Brad’s picks:


      I believe that my roster of pro wrestlers put together, will be more then just wrestlers, more then superstars they will be Ultrastars. I plan to bring a style of entertainment that you will be in a moment, that you will believe in so much you won’t going to be able to stop talking about it.

      I am going to make them Ultrastars by presenting them in scenarios, such as great matches down the card, if they are strong talkers give them the chance, if not I find other ways for you to believe. I believe that my promotion will make a dent for you to believe in.

      Tom’s picks:


      Wrestling’s only legitimate superstar. Hard-hitting dudes knocking each other about. Super fun tag teams who could have amazing matches together. Some of the most naturally hilarious wrestlers ever combined for actually funny comedy segments. THE SEXIEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD. These are the reasons why my federation will be successful.

      Just imagine getting to see Steen go up against Cena or the battle that Cesaro would have with Lesnar. The Young Bucks on national TV every week would be guaranteed sheer joy, especially if you pitted them against Bad Influence. Regal in a full-time on-screen commissioner role is something the wrestling world could always do more of, and the idea of Joseph Park and Paul London doing literally anything together makes me VERY happy. I love my federation and I wish it was real. Don’t you?

      Tim’s picks:


      While my company lacks some of the star power that my fantasy rivals have, my main goal from the beginning was to create compelling and consistent stories that would draw in viewers over time. This is my cast and I fully believe they, as a group, with the right writing and advertising could take wrestling television by storm.

      Things like Tozawa with his manager and mouthpiece, Nigel McGuinness, feuding with CM Punk over the championship are possible here. KANA vs Sami Zayn? Done. Aries and Devitt having to work together to bring down Big E. Langston only for one to screw the other one over as soon as Langston gets brought down. Taylor and Gargano feuding with reDRagon over which team has the best combined hair styles. So. Many. Possibilities. This promotion will make unique stars who can wrestle a great match which in turn will make fans. YOU WILL LIKE IT.

      typicalROHfan’s picks:


      Give me some credit, folks. I was backed against the wall with the last pick and thought I fielded a pretty damn good roster! But instead of selling you on my awesome roster, I will pull a wrestling tactic and bury the competition!

      I love literally everyone on Tom‘s roster but Cena is a member of the Ward Nation. Could the fix be in? One sulky Cena and the ship gets hit. The Young Bucks will refuse to shake Brock Lesnar’s hand and we’ll have a crime scene. I’m not afraid to bring out the big guns either and offer Steen zoo passes for life to jump off ship!

      Tim has a great roster too BUT what do we really know about this Sami Zayn character? He’s only been around the USA wrestling scene for a few months and looks to be an El Generico rip off. Austin Aries will molest Prince Devitt and Jigsaw. Law suits all over and another competitor gone!

      As for Brad, I can’t sling mud his way. In fact, I think you SHOULD vote for Brad. His roster has the makings to dominate a 1AM weekend time slot on Cartoon Network for decades appealing to a demographic of stoner wrestling purists all over the globe. Don’t vote for me. Vote Brad Ward.

      – If you want to hurl abuse at our draft pickers, you can find them on Twitter at @BradWardFGN, @TomBlackett, @TimWelcomed and @typicalROHfan. Please don’t though, they’re trying their best.

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