Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Seven

    • Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Seven

      Everyone thinks they could run their own wrestling company, but we’re determined to prove it, with the Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft!

      Making their picks in the following order will be:

      You can see the draft’s introduction and rules here. The picks so far are:

      • Round One: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy.
      • Round Two: Gedo, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose.
      • Round Three: Christian, Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, Seth Rollins.
      • Round Four: Shelton Benjamin, The Young Bucks, Austin Aries, AJ Styles.
      • Round Five: Shane Strickland, Antonio Cesaro, reDRagon, Bobby Roode.
      • Round Six: Samoa Joe, Bad Influence, Ricochet, Gail Kim.

      Let the seventh round begin!

      Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Seven

      Brad’s pick: DAVEY BOY SMITH JR.


      I really like Davey Boy Smith Jr. as a talent because I think he is a guy who just needs either a talker or to be put in a very limited speaking role and he’ll be great. I have seen him wrestle and he is just as good (if not better) than his dad in the ring.

      I really like his ring presence, as he has the size to tower over a smaller wrestler. However, when he gets in the ring he has the stamina and intensity to stand toe toe to a Daniel Bryan or a Christian. I think the bottom line is that he just needs the machine behind him and he can be very successful.

      Tom’s pick: AMERICAN WOLVES


      A-ROOOOOOO! Even though the singles feud between Davey Richards and Eddie ‘Eddie Edwards’ Edwards tested the patience of many (typical) ROH fans, I think the American Wolves would be a great addition to any roster. The shine’s been taken off them a little over the past few years, partly because they were split up (although they were still having excellent matches in PWG with the likes of the Super Smash Bros during this time), but also because it feels like they’ve outgrown the ROH tag division a little. Their matches with reDRagon and other teams have been great, but they seem ready for something new.

      I think they’d be an excellent team to counter The Young Bucks and Bad Influence, especially with both Edwards and Richards starting to show a funnier side to them in the past year – for a couple of examples, just look at Eddie’s dick-chopping antics in PWG or Davey’s dance-off at ROH’s Night of Hoopla:

      Tim’s pick: AKIRA TOZAWA


      Not many people possess the charisma to convey emotion quite like Akira Tozawa. If you see him wrestle, you almost instantly have a connection with him. From his time and growth in PWG to his modern work in the Dragon Gate system he is truly someone I had to make sure was in my promotion.

      I wanted to make sure I had some international talent and, while he is maybe not the most popular wrestler I could have picked to fit this, I feel he definitely could be if given the right build and platform. I am confident in saying that he was a good investment, even if we do get a TV deal and he drops the odd “fuck you” live on-air.

      typicalROHfan’s pick: TIME SPLITTERS


      With the most clear choices off the board, I decided to take the Time Splitters as my team to build a tag division around. Alex Shelley is a master of the tag team, going from the best team of the last decade (Motor City Machine Guns) to building another tag team of the Time Splitters.

      Shelley and KUSHIDA have a great dynamic and chemistry that shines and they can have great matches with any established or makeshift team to make the tag division a good attraction.

      – If you want to hurl abuse at our draft pickers, you can find them on Twitter at @BradWardFGN, @TomBlackett, @TimWelcomed and @typicalROHfan. Please don’t though, they’re trying their best.


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