Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Ten

    • Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Ten

      Everyone thinks they could run their own wrestling company, but we’re determined to prove it, with the Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft!

      Making their picks in the following order will be:

      You can see the draft’s introduction and rules here. The picks so far are:

      • Round One: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy.
      • Round Two: Gedo, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose.
      • Round Three: Christian, Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, Seth Rollins.
      • Round Four: Shelton Benjamin, The Young Bucks, Austin Aries, AJ Styles.
      • Round Five: Shane Strickland, Antonio Cesaro, reDRagon, Bobby Roode.
      • Round Six: Samoa Joe, Bad Influence, Ricochet, Gail Kim.
      • Round Seven: Davey Boy Smith Jr., American Wolves, Akira Tozawa, Time Splitters.
      • Round Eight: Forever Hooligans, William Regal, Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano, Sheamus.
      • Round Nine: Athena, Adam Cole, Big E. Langston, Jay Lethal.

      Let the ninth round begin!

      Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Ten

      Brad’s pick: JESSICKA HAVOK


      I was told how great Jessicka Havok was for many years. At first I was kind of sceptical with her character being somewhat based off a video game.  I thought her presence was really good, has sex appeal but at the same time is very intimidating.

      I feel if you loosely use her character back story without completely using the Resident Evil back story, there is a lot of potential as her as top villain in the women’s division.

      Tom’s pick: AJ LEE


      It’s a shame that the ‘mancrazy psycho’ character AJ Lee has been stuck with is straight from the Big Vince McMahon Book of Female Wrestler Stereotypes (other examples include: silent smiling girl, sexy prostitute (good), sexy prostitute (bad), fatty fartpants, gross old lady, AMAZON WOMAN OF VINCE’S DREAMS, AMAZON WOMAN OF VINCE’s NIGHTMARES), but it’s testament to AJ’s charisma and likeability that the psychotic machinations of an old millionaire pervert haven’t dragged her down.

      Even before she started launching pipe bombs at Total Divas, the reaction AJ got from crowds was leaps and bounds ahead of every other woman on the main WWE roster, regardless of whether she was face or heel. Her ability to connect to female fans is a rare thing that should make her a huge asset to any company PLUS she’s a big old wrestling nerd (as proved by the footage of young AJ having a meltdown upon meeting Lita) AND she’s super funny in interviews

      Tim’s pick: KANA


      One of the few picks that I did not have to think about much. If you haven’t seen a Kana match, go out of your way to do so. I’ve very rarely been let down by a match of hers. She had to be picked.

      While the number of great women wrestlers is at a high I can’t help but say that Kana is a personal favorite. She would definitely be pushed early on since I do not want a women’s division and want to display that everyone is competing on an level playing field.

      typicalROHfan’s pick: JEREMY BORASH


      When looking for a non wrestler role, Jeremy Borash offers it all. Ring announcing, commentating and a creative mind. Some of the most interesting things in TNA of the last few years have been their online content, most led by Borash.

      Lately, the IMPACT podcast and the segments in between breaks and post show have been very compelling additions to the wrestling world. In the current culture, social media and Internet use are more vital than ever and Borash is the man for that job. It also helps how great he is at commentary and announcing.


      – If you want to hurl abuse at our draft pickers, you can find them on Twitter at @BradWardFGN, @TomBlackett, @TimWelcomed and @typicalROHfan. Please don’t though, they’re trying their best.


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