Wrestling On Air: Episode 45, 7/20/18

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 45, 7/20/18

      A distant structure emerges from the depths of a deep, dark ocean, as a young Sheldon (not the one from the show) stares intently at it’s golden hue. He holds his guntana in hard and walks on the water’s surface towards his apostolic end.

      Get wet and wild in the summer sun as our beachy host Breezy Orin (@orinanne) relaxes on the shore with a nice book. Tropical Tim (@TimWelcomed) builds the nicest sandcastle you’ll ever see, as the Beach Bully Tom (@TomBlargh) gets ready to knock it down. Summer Socks (@SocksMahoney) couldn’t make it to the beach on account of preferring to stay inside and that’s VALID. Listen below by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Pickle Chat

      Tom doesn’t think teens like pickles, which wrestler loves pickles the most, the best ways to eat pickles as a snack, a full comprehensive rundown of the G1 Climax 2018, Will Ospreay’s failed daddy dom experiment, an evil villain calls into the pod, an interview with Jason Kincaid by Jason Kincaid, good wrestling dads, wrestler nicknames as condiments, and wrestlers competing in hot dog eating competitions.

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