ScoopZone Elite: March 10, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: March 10, 2014

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       News for The Week of March 10, 2014


      • We can confirm that the fans that were a part of Occupy Raw all thought they were contracted WWE employees afterwards and even tried getting on the WWE jet. They had to be fake fired by a drunk and pantsless Vince McMahon before they would leave.


      • Hulk Hogan is pitching the idea of working a Bandana vs. Fedora match with Bray Wyatt to see who rules the head wear accessory world in wrestling.


      • Following the announcement of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale for Wrestlemania, online petitions have sprung up demanding an Andrew ‘Test’ Martin Memorial Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at Extreme Rules and a Big Bossman Memorial Kennel From Hell Match at Hell in a Cell.


      • If a tree falls at an all-cage TNA PPV, it does not make a sound.


      • Samoa Joe recently pitched the idea of going back under the ring so he’s no longer publicly associated with the current TNA product.


      • After the success of TNA’s recent ownership storyline that focussed on percentages, the company’s next major angle will also involve mathematics as Magnus and Willow feud over the best way to do long division.


      • To combat Ring of Honor’s shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Evolve will debut Nude Japan Pro Wrestling. Your 8th and 14th favorite Dragon Gate wrestlers working buck naked, coming soon.


      • There’s a company that supplies a pop music randomizer to all indie promotions so it is easier for the talent to pick which song they want to ironically use for a pop.


      • Lance Storm was one of the Teletubbies.


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