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Around The Wrestling World In 7 Days: April 5, 2015

    • Around The Wrestling World In 7 Days: April 5, 2015

      Every weekend, Joey will give a glimpse of the things that have entered his mind.

      Hi. I have a lot of thoughts about wrestling. I decided to start a concept where I talk about what’s on my mind every weekend. I hope it’s enjoyable.

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      WWE Universe



      Wow was I wrong about Wrestlemania 31. I had very low expectations for the show but it completely over-delivered. The entire show entertained me from top to bottom with every match having something that entertained me to some extent. If I were to rank the show after watching it just twice, I’d say it’s only behind 17, 19, 30 and maybe 24 among the best overall Wrestlemania shows of all time.

      Roman Reigns

      I will eat some crow (not Sting’s) as I must admit Roman Reigns stepped up in the pressure packed spot of main eventing Wrestlemania with everyone criticizing him. I had not seen any singles performance from Reigns that screamed out “future star” to me, not even the Daniel Bryan match at Fastlane, but this was it. I’m not a fan but I have to commend the guy on succeeding in a difficult scenario. Reigns will probably be better for not winning at WM 31.

      Midcard titles

      The jokes of forgetting who holds the Intercontinental Championship or United States Championship along with confusing the two is something I originated because it’s genuinely impossible to keep track of or care about the mid-card titles the last few years. I was hesitant of the idea of anyone saving them. Monday was a step in the right direction. If any two wrestlers can do the impossible and rescue these belts, it’s John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Both men need to hold the title until Summerslam to establish credibility.

      The Future Is Now

      Seth Rollins was the top can’t miss prospect in ROH and he succeeded. Seth Rollins was the top can’t miss prospect in NXT and he succeeded. Seth Rollins was the third top can’t miss prospect in WWE and he jumped over both his former teammates of The Shield to succeed.

      Seeing Rollins cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase may have been the biggest “mark out moment” I’ve had as an adult watching wrestling. Daniel Bryan’s title win was expected when it happened at Wrestlemania 30 but Rollins moment was not expected or a given. Seth will be a great champion and I fully expect him to be a WWE legend 10 years from now. I see Rollins as a “WWE lifer” unlike a CM Punk or Daniel Bryan.

      ROH World


      Joe Joe Joe

      Samoa Joe has looked impressive in his ROH return. I still have his matches vs. Kyle O’Reilly and Jay Briscoe on the backlog to watch but I’ve seen his matches with Michael Elgin and ACH.

      Joe vs. Elgin was tremendous and arguably the best match I’ve seen Elgin have. Joe vs. ACH disappointed me and in my opinion, it underACHieved quite a bit. I’m not sure if Joe has any more ROH matches lined up but I’d love to see him face Moose.

      With Moose’s streak and Joe’s past, it would be perfect sense. Imagine the anger if Moose pinned Joe in Joe’s final ROH appearance. Sadly it doesn’t seem this match will happen until NeXT time the two are in the same company.

      The Red Skulls

      The ROH Red Skulls (aka the Knights of the Rising Dawn) were revealed to be Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin. With Red Dragon loved like babyfaces and a talent like The Addiction being “just guys” the last few months, it made sense they were a part of this.

      A heel turn plays to their strengths and makes them instantly relevant again. Chris Sabin is a much better option than the names I expected to be the third man –  Cliff Compton, Eddie Kingston, etc.

      Lucha Underground Underground


      Consistent greatness?

      Yet another great episode of wrestling by Lucha Underground this week. You guys need to give this show a chance if you’re not watching yet. The atmosphere and great wrestling are such a perfect mix.

      The Mack

      Willie Mack made his debut in Lucha Underground teaming with Big Zeke Jackson and Shane Strickland. I think The Mack is a special talent and has something unique that should be showcased somewhere. For some reason, Willie hasn’t been spotlighted by some of the noteworthy promotions after his WWE deal fell through. This makes me extremely happy. The talent roster just gets better and better on this show.

      Dario Cueto

      This guy is amazing. A true professional actor is succeeding in the world of pro wresting and it’s cool to see.


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