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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      For years you wondered when it would happen. “When will peace prevail?” “When will humans accept Giraffes as a species worthy of respect?” Today, the world unites as we name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

      Today, in conjunction with the nonprofit group Giraffes Are Really Tall Huh? (GARTH?), we name our Sexy Wrestler of The Week  in solidarity with one of natures most underrated treasures: The Giraffe. The time is now to spread awareness of the ignorant hate Giraffes are forced to deal with at the hands of humans.

      How many times have you made fun of someone with a slightly-longer-than-average neck by calling them a “giraffe?” How many times have you seen tacky clothes that just so happen to be decorated with giraffe print? How many times have you seen a giraffe allowed to drive a car?


      No longer should we stand for this. Today I am proud and humbled to announce that we make that first bold step towards acceptance. As the first noble move in a long series of rightfully over-dramatic moves to open the flood gates of unrelenting respect towards Giraffes, I will copy and paste this week’s winner’s head onto a picture of a Giraffe. We will bask in the glory of the monumental help we are lending to the Giraffe movement here today.

      Now without further ado…


      There you have it. Our Sexy Wrestler of The Week is none other than Prince Devitt. His streak continues as we begin a streak of love and acceptance towards The Giraffe Community with this unpresidented attempt at changing the world. Did I mention how awesome we are for doing this?! You’re welcome, Giraffes!