Dirt Sheet History: October 2006

    • Dirt Sheet History: October 2006

      Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

      Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at September 2006, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from October of 2006. Kurt Angle rants on WWE, Scott Steiner rants on Triple H, Sting needs help from ICP fans and so much more!

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      * Kurt Angle will make his official debut with TNA next week at the TNA Impact taping in Orlando, Florida. He will also be present at the Bound For Glory fan weekend and appear in the main event for Bound For Glory as the enforcer for the Sting vs Jeff Jarrett match.


      * Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was recently denied access to Club Hyde – the same place that wouldn’t let actress Tara Reid in a few weeks ago.


      * There is an audio commentary on Scott Steiner‘s official website regarding a recent TNA PPV match with Samoa Joe, not to mention his prior matches with Triple H. Steiner really shoots hard on Triple H in the audio commentary as in one instance he said, “If it wasn’t for him banging the boss’s daughter he wouldn’t have a f****** job.” Steiner also called Triple H the “Kevin Federline of professional wrestling.” He also discusses his infamous Royal Rumble match back in 2003 with Triple H. He said it takes two people to have a bad match, not one. Steiner also said that Triple H, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels aren’t real athletes like him as they didn’t really play sports in high school.


      * A number of wrestlers were offended that they weren’t let in on TNA’s big PPV surprise, but once the secret was revealed on the video screen, they got over it pretty quickly and were excited about the potential, although some had mixed feelings due to their concern over Kurt Angle‘s health. “Most of us assumed it was a timeslot change,” says one TNA wrestler. “So we weren’t all that concerned during the show, figuring it wouldn’t change our lives much. We were as surprised as anyone when that video aired.”

      A move to Monday nights may or may not be in the cards, although several top TNA officials believe that would be the key to generating the buzz necessary to reach the largest potential fanbase.


      * A few TNA wrestlers dressed in Halloween costumes to film a TV commercial for Lifeway Foods. James Storm was dressed as a grape, Eric Young as a banana, Chase Stevens as the Grim Reaper and Andy Douglas played a conceited guy. The commercial was filmed on Tuesday night at Freddie’s Auction House (where indie wrestling shows take place) near Nashville. They also wrestled in the costumes in front of about 60 fans.


      * The general feeling is that Jim Cornette won’t stay around in TNA much longer if Vince Russo stays. At first, he said he would stay out of loyalty to Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel, but by the time he got to Orlando for the PPV/Impact tapings two weeks ago, his mood turned for the worse during the car ride. He said he was quitting, but TNA told him that he couldn’t quit. He eventually cooled off and for now, it looks like he’ll be staying in TNA, but with a few stipulations; Russo can’t talk to him, he can’t have anything to do with his segments, and Russo can’t be in the same room with him at any time. TNA agreed to this, but many feel its unworkable.



      * WWE.com posted the following message regarding William Regal‘s indecent exposure at last night’s No Mercy PPV:

      WWE apologizes
      Oct. 9, 2006

      World Wrestling Entertainment would like to apologize to anyone who watched WWE No Mercy and was offended by the William Regal locker room incident. Conduct of this kind is unacceptable in a family-friendly environment, and WWE accepts full responsibility. Nudity of any kind, even in a live television environment, is offensive to our audience and to the reputation of our company.


      * John Cena was on ESPN2’s talk show Cold Pizza earlier this morning. Cena and the host started to discuss MLB player AJ Pierzynski and clips were shown of him wrestling in TNA. All of a sudden, Pierzynski came out and started talking trash with Cena. Pierzynski also happened to have the TNA X Division Championship belt with him – which was given to him by AJ Styles. Cena and Pierzynski held the titles side by side. Cena then said that he thought he had seen the X Division Championship belt in a gumball machine outside.


      * WWE champion John Cena was on the Howard Stern Show this morning to promote the upcoming release of his movie, “The Marine.” Below is a report from listener Ed Jones from Queens that he sent to PWInsider.com. Please credit Ed Jones and PWInsider.com when using this report.

      Most of the discussion was about sex, so print whatever you want! Howard asked if Cena ever had an orgy, and Cena said the most girls he has ever been with were 6 at once! They were girls who came to a show and wanted to have a good time, so he hooked up with them. He said his best experience was with 2 strippers from Louisville, who did everything imaginable with him. He doesn’t enjoy “the back door” however, and Howard agreed. Stern also asked him if he has been with ugly or fat girls, and Cena said absolutely, and recently was with a “280-pounder!” Stern wanted to know what that was all about, and Cena basically said the locker room was challenging him and he decided to do it, and he totally embraced the experience and actually said he had a ball, and the girl did to.

      They got on the subject of Chris Kanyon, who has become a show favorite at the moment since his appearance last week, and he said that he knew Chris, and that Chris came out of the closet after he was out of WWE, not during like he is saying. Also, he basically said that Kanyon “just wasn’t that good,” meaning that he originally had the Mortis persona in WCW which was cool, but came to WWE as just “Chris Kanyon.” Vince expects you to show charisma and have an identity, and that Kanyon didn’t possess that in Vince’s eyes.

      Cena also said he is not afraid to “make an ass” of himself, and that a lot of guys insist on maintaining their tough guy personas. (This helps separate Cena from others in my mind, and is probably why I enjoy his character, don’t get all the hate). He had his title belt with him, and Robin Quivers asked why he carries it since it is all pre-determined who wins and it isn’t like he actually won it. He said it is for publicity, it has the big WWE logo on it, so if people in the street see him and don’t know him, it is a way to convey who he is and who he works for. Howard asked him about his family, said his Dad was a big fan, and that his Dad is now getting into the business a little more.

      Howard asked him if he was a millionaire, and Cena said he was “eating right” and doing well. They then discussed the movie, and Howard wanted to know if hooked up with co-star Kelly Carlson, but he said he wished but someone beat him to it (she’s married). He said they filmed in Australia, so Howard wanted to know if he hooked up with all the Aussies, and Cena said he did quite well down under! Howard announced to all ladies that Cena won’t say no, and John agreed!

      They took a couple a calls, the female caller said he was awesome, she met him and person and he was a great guy. Eric the Midget, another regular called, but had nothing to say, he is a show regular who they hooked up and sent to the premiere on the red carpet and he got to meet his hero John Cena. The last call was most important, another regular Joey Boots called in and insisted that Cena took steroids and that no way he could get that big. Cena was very adamant that he never even tried them, has been working out since he was a kid, he wrestled in the NCAA and stuff where there were tests, and now WWE has its wellness program, so he couldn’t even do it now if he wanted to. They polled the room, Robin was the voice of reason, saying he wasn’t even that big compared to others who have been in, like HHH. Other guys in the room said he tried it before, even Howard doesn’t see how he can get that big, but Cena stuck to his guns and said he never even tried it. He summed it up by saying he won’t be able to change people’s minds or perceptions, so he just shrugs it off.


      * Several superstars were said to be upset over last night’s Diva Strip Poker segments that aired during ECW on Sci Fi and feel that the segments were very embarrassing. Along with other backstage issues, this just adds to the overall frustration with the creative end of the company.


      * Originally, TNA planned on making Kurt Angle available for outside bookings at $5,000 a shot. ROH in particular was looking to bring him in for multiple dates at that price. They also wanted to cut a deal with him for a DVD shoot interview. However, TNA has since decided against booking Angle for any indy dates, which shows a concern for not wanting to have him work more than a few days per month.


      * A music video featuring Chris Jericho‘s rock band “Fozzy” will air on next Thursday’s edition of TNA “iMPACT!”. TNA directors David Sahadi and Kevin Sullivan produced the music video. Here is the official message from TNA’s website:


      See the national television debut of “Enemy” from Fozzy.

      On Thursday, October 19, on TNA “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV at 11pm ET, Chris Jericho and his band “Fozzy” will be featured in a music video for the song “Enemy” from their “All That Remains” album.

      The national television debut of the video will feature Jericho and Fozzy along with the stars of TNA Wrestling just days before the “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View extravaganza on Sunday, October 22 live from Detroit, Michigan.

      TNA Wrestling directors David Sahadi and Kevin Sullivan, who have worked with Jericho in the past, will be producing the music video for the “iMPACT!” broadcast.

      “This is simply awesome,” Sahadi told TNAwrestling.com “I have always had tremendous admiration for Chris Jericho as a professional and as a person. He’s one of the coolest guys I know.”


      * World Wrestling Entertainment recently sent TNA wrestler Kurt Angle a nasty legal letter with a series of demands. All of their demands aren’t quite known yet, but here are the demands known thus far.

      WWE demanded that Angle and TNA not refer to his ankle lock finisher as the “Angle lock.” Angle laughed at that one because he had no idea that anyone called his finisher the “Angle lock” to begin with it, thinking it’s always been the ankle lock. WWE also demanded that Angle not call himself “The Wrestling Machine,” or “The Machine.” Surprisingly, they didn’t object to him wearing a mouthpiece, but it can’t have “Machine” written on it.

      Also, we should find out soon if WWE claimed ownership to the term “Angle slam” and if he’ll have to use a new name for the manuever. WWE can probably rightfully claim ownership to that term. Also note, the U.S. Olympic committee probably wouldn’t allow TNA to use the term “Olympic slam.”


      * Spanish announcer Moody Jack Melendez (Hector Melendez) quit TNA last week. Melendez asked TNA for a raise since he had been there for a few years, but they only offered him a $100 a week pay raise. He believed that increase to insulting so he quit. Melendez had a backup job in place as he’s going to help book Puerto Rico’s IWA promotion with Savio Vega.

      * Monty Brown looks to be done with TNA as he still hasn’t signed a new contract and he didn’t appear at last week’s Impact tapings. Friends of Brown said that his contract expired on 9/30 and that he doesn’t plan on signing a new one. Brown hasn’t decided on whether he’ll try and go to WWE.

      Brown has a personal training job that gives him a six-figure income, and he is able to do it and work TNA since there are so few days per month. Last year, TNA promised Brown that he would win the NWA title, but that was before Christian Cage was signed. Cage basically got his title run and he felt lied to.

      * Konnan had a confrontation with Jeff Jarrett at last week’s Impact tapings. Konnan basically demanded that that TNA give him a raise or he’ll quit.

      Jarrett was trying to get Konnan to sign the new converted contracts in which TNA books all its contracted guys for their respective indy dates and then they get a quarterly lump sum check. Konnan refused to switch over because he wants to control his Mexico bookings (AAA controls that), not to mention his Lucha Libre style independent bookings in North America.


      * Kurt Angle really did the media rounds today. After his 90 minute media conference call, the TNA star called into Bubba the Love Sponge‘s Sirius radio show. He talks about a wide range of newsworthy topics – it’s a very interesting read:

      – Angle starts off by saying he really wasn’t treated right in WWE. Vince McMahon overworked him to a breaking point with house shows and appearances. When Heidenreich failed a medical exam due to high blood pressure, Vince had Angle replace him.

      – Angle’s wife is pregnant with his second child and is expected to give birth within the next month or two.

      – Angle told Vince that he had a serious pain pill addiction and needed to enter rehab, and Vince wouldn’t let him. He told Vince, “I’m Gonna Die.” Vince told him to figure out his problems on the road. Wow. Vince needed Angle to help put John Cena over big and make him strong for his WrestleMania 21 main event match with JBL.

      Triple H is in a really bad spot because he hogs the show and is booking it at the same time.

      – Angle had a lot of heat with Triple H because Triple H wouldn’t put him over. Triple H tapped out to Chris Benoit because Benoit had no charisma. Triple H tapped out to John Cena because Cena can’t wrestle that well. Triple H wouldn’t tap out to Angle because Angle was the true total package who had charisma and could wrestle.

      – Angle doesn’t respect Triple H as a person. Triple H was against Angle getting the belt a few years back because Angle was too small. When Jerry Brisco suggested Triple H do a shoot fight with Angle to see how much Angle’s size really mattered, Triple H backed down on Angle not getting the belt.

      – Angle was very close to signing a big contract with the K-1 MMA company to fight Brock Lesnar

      – Angle says Big Show could be making huge money in Japan for working very few dates. He said Big Show would be a major attraction there and was one of his best friends in WWE. He talked about Big Show having a huge penis.

      – Angle said that Vince McMahon would tell his wife Karen that she was better looking than any of the WWE divas. He gave the impression that he wasn’t pleased with the attention Vince would give his wife.

      – Angle was very close to signing a contract with UFC after he won his gold medal in 1996 but when UFC had their problems with getting banned in many states, that deal fell through.

      – Angle feels he’s got one shoot fight left in him.

      – Angle said Tito Ortiz only has a few fights left in him too, and that Angle could beat him with 6 months of training.

      – When asked about the most money he ever made with Vince in a single year, Angle laughed at the host’s guess that it was near $5 million. Angle said the most he ever made in a year was $2.5 Million. He had major heat with Vince because Vince wouldn’t let Angle do any merchandizing. Angle would come to Vince with great ideas for merchandise and Vince would say, “You’re going to make your money in the ring”.

      – They talked about Angle’s drug problems. The hosts tried to guess how much Angle was taking at the height of his addiction. They guessed that he was taking upto 15 [Vicodin] pills a day, Angle said “more than 4 times that”. Later int the interview he confirmed he was up to around 65-70 pills a day. He said that he’s very lucky to be alive – and that after many tests, doctors told him they were very surprised at how little damage he had done to his body. Angle said “If your urine looks like Coca Cola, that means you’ve done permanent damage to your liver – and my urine is red, white and blue” .. He clarified that he was joking about his patriotic pee.

      – Angle is back with his wife and they are doing well.

      – During their match at No Way Out 2005 talked about earlier, Angle said he went very rough on Cena in an effort to make him fight back and draw some emotion out of Cena.

      – Angle hyped his move to TNA being as big as when Hulk Hogan jumped to WCW in 1993.

      – When he wrestled Hulk Hogan, Hogan told Angle to slow down his pace and not to wrestle so stiff. “Easy brother – they’re already here, they’ve already paid to see you”. Angle said he almost always calls [the spots in] his matches but Hogan called the match when they fought.

      – Angle said WWE badly misused Andrew “Test” Martin in his first run with the company and is glad to see him getting some TV time in ECW.

      – Angle said Chris Jericho isn’t a great singer and that wrestling is in his blood.


      * Ric Flair called into Howard Stern to debate Chris Kanyon. Flair told Kanyon that he no longer had “it” and he should not blame his release from WWE as a result of “coming out of the closet.” Kanyon asked Flair if he asked him to train his son David Flair, where Flair responded “no.” Kanyon told Flair that was a lie. It should be noted that this was all done in a very calm manner with no actual animosity.


      * Prior to his termination, Psicosis was told that he was going to be brought back to WWE with a new gimmick. WWE officials asked him to a grow a mustache like a stereotypical Mexican Revolution general from a century ago (think Pancho Villa) and he would come to the ring with a gun belt.


      * According to WWE.com, Kevin Federline is slated to appear on RAW this Monday.


      * TNA is expecting close to 3,000 fans for tonight’s Bound For Glory PPV, which is by far the biggest PPV crowd in TNA history.


      * ROH wrestler Claudio Castagnoli is getting a look at from WWE. He was recently in Deep South Wrestling for a tryout. Considering that he is tall, it was figured that he’d be one of the first ROH guys to get feelers.


      * TNA President Dixie Carter has been in contact with Chris Jericho in hopes of having him join the promotion sometime down the line. He keeps pretty close tabs on the industry. Jericho finished high on the list of people the TNA higher-ups wanted to obtain. It is unknown if there is anything close to a deal, but if a deal does get reached, it’ll likely be in the vain of Kurt Angle‘s deal in which TNA keeps it as closely-guarded secret.


      * Regarding Kevin Federline, his original intention was to just be backstage at the WWE Supershow in Los Angeles, but WWE asked him to make a cameo appearance on the show. His appearance was only meant to be a one-time thing for publicity after John Cena gave him the FU. However, Federline had a great time at the show and asked to come back for another week or two. The door is being left open for him to make more appearances, although it all depends on his schedule. Federline received $15,000 for each of his appearances on RAW.


      * Bob Collins, a long-time promoter with WWE who worked on WrestleMania III, has been regularly covering the Detroit area in the build to WrestleMania 23. He has been telling Ford Field officials that the only match WWE has decided upon for the show is Hulk Hogan vs. The Big Show. However, that match is not 100% certain for the time being. Though, if it does end up taking place, it could very well be the final wrestling match for not one star, but both stars.

      Big Show’s contract expires in February and he is in a great deal of physical pain nowadays. Big Show legitimately weighs 520 pounds, finds traveling very difficult, and has already been taken off of most minor ECW house shows. Due to these problems, plans are being made to get the ECW title off of him soon. The problem with this is that Rob Van Dam is the only ECW wrestler in a good position to win it, yet Vince McMahon has been said to be determined to not to let him be the champion again following his arrest the last time around. McMahon also feels RVD cannot draw as a champion, although other WWE officials believe the crowds will be the same no matter who has the belt.

      Big Show has been telling people that he is considering leaving wrestling next year and going into acting, since his size and comedic personality makes him rather unique and should get him plenty work. His original contract, signed in 1999, was $950,000 a year for ten years. It was renegotiated in 2000 when management felt he wasn’t working hard enough and sent him to Ohio Valley Wrestling, with Jim Ross cutting it down to $1,000,000 a year for eight years. Eventually, Vince got irritated about paying that much for anybody in developmental and they just took him as he was in early 2001.


      * There was a lot talk regarding Sting backstage at the Bound For Glory PPV, including some internal frustration on him. He showed up to the PPV in tremendous shape as he lost about 20 pounds. Also, he said that he was more ready for his match with Jeff Jarrett than any other match in his career. However, he was said to be completely lost during the initial stages of the match as he blew a few spots. Jarrett had to bail him out, and fortunately, the crowd was on Sting’s side throughout the encounter.

      Furthermore, when Sting showed up for the PPV, he was completely unaware that Kurt Angle would be involved in the match as the special referee. He didn’t complain about it, he just didn’t know. Apparently, Sting doesn’t watch Impact, although part of the blame can be attributed to TNA for the lack of communication. On the other hand, some say it was a lack professionalism on Sting’s part to be so unaware of the industry and job that is paying him so much money.

      Lastly, Sting forgot to bring his trademark white face paint with him to the event. When he realized his mistake, TNA had people search through local stores, but they couldn’t find any white face paint anywhere. Fortunately for Sting, a TNA official found an Insane Clown Posse fan in the stands with his face painted. They asked the fan if they could borrow his face paint, which he had in his car. So about one hour before Sting’s big match, a fan went to his car to give TNA officials his white face paint.

      – Tune back in next time for the November edition of Dirt Sheet History.

      Stories are credited from Rajah, PWTorch, PWInsider and The Wrestling Observer. Month name photo art is by Phillip Martin.

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