This Or That: 11/11/2013

    • This Or That: 11/11/2013

      Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

      Over five questions, @TimWelcomed@typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

      First let’s take a look at how you voted for last week’s topics!

      More likely to get a WM 30 singles match?

      Dolph Ziggler – 59%, Hulk Hogan – 41%

      Better person to own TNA?

      Jeff Jarrett – 32%, Billy Corgan – 68%

      Better WM 30 opponent for Undertaker?

      Brock Lesnar – 16%, John Cena – 84%

      More likely to win the 2014 Royal Rumble?

      CM Punk – 58%, Daniel Bryan – 42%

      Who will debut on WWE’s main roster first?

      Kassius Ohno – 53%, Solomon Crowe – 47%

      (Note: This question was asked before Ohno’s release.)

      More likely to hold the WWE Title next: Big Show or Daniel Bryan?

      With rumors of WWE questioning Daniel Bryan’s drawing ability and Big Show currently in the title picture, who is more likely to have a WWE title reign next?


      I really can’t seem to grasp why Big Show is where he is right now. I understand they want to display their big men and such but to let Daniel Bryan just fall to the side for now is stomach-churning. I don’t see Big Show getting the belt soon but I do, sadly, see him getting it before Bryan gets his deserved run.

      The Big Show


      This is difficult for me mainly because I can’t possibly see Big Show winning the title in this angle and you’d think this is his last time in the WWE title picture at his age and current structure of WWE. But if you told me he would be main eventing Survivor Series as the baby face instead of someone like John Cena, CM Punk and the other question participant Daniel Bryan, I’d have laughed in your face.

      I’m going against my logic and common sense and will say Big Show gets a title run. Whether now and in the next year or so, the guy gets title reigns and main event pushes at the most random times. Bryan feuding with Brodie Lee and Ginger Sheamus is also not a good sign.

      Big Show


      I can’t imagine the WWE Title being put on Big Show anytime soon. He’s the go-to guy for a boring post-Summerslam / post-Wrestlemania title feud that does nothing for anybody. Sure, he’s had a couple of World Title runs in the past year but… well, that’s Smackdown. That’s not to say that I think Bryan will be given the belt particularly soon, but I think it’s still likely to happen eventually, whereas I don’t think Big Show will EVER get it.

      Daniel Bryan

      Who do you think will win the TNA Title Tournament: Magnus or the field?

      TNA’s title tournament for someone to be crowned the new TNA World Champion with AJ Styles current storyline having him “leave” TNA. The favorite seems to be Magnus. If you had to pick now, would you guess Magnus or the field (any one of the others at all) to win the tournament?


      I personally would love to see Samoa Joe get some main event love from TNA but I totally see this going to Magnus and it quite frankly makes the most sense here. Although an Aries vs Styles feud when AJ Styles returns would be pretty nice as well, I think they are putting a lot into Magnus right now and I don’t have a huge problem with it. It could be way worse.



      I think the end game for this is for someone to win the tournament and align with Dixie Carter as a top heel to feud with AJ Styles when he returns as the “real” champion. I can’t imagine anyone but Magnus being in that role.

      Sabin is done. Angle and Roode are feuding with each other in a “personal” feud that will likely eliminate each other in the second round. I can’t see Aries, Storm or Joe playing a big role here. The finals comes down to Magnus or Hardy.  No way they try the heel Hardy turn again.

      Magnus will play the “face of the company” role similar to Randy Orton as there are many similarities there and we know TNA loves mimicking WWE.



      FOXTROT, INDIGO, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA, FIELD. Anyway. I haven’t watched TNA for two weeks, so I didn’t even know this was happening. If Sting’s definitely out of the TNA picture for now, then I can’t think of what else they have for Magnus to do, so you might as well throw the belt on him and put him in a feud with AJ and his sports car. I’d much rather it be Bobby Roode.


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      Better Rotunda: Bo Dallas or Bray Wyatt?

      WWE legend I.R.S fathered these two 2nd generation stars we see today. They are quite different. Who is better?


      I would have said Bray Wyatt without even thinking during his NXT run and even during the WWE hype for The Wyatts’ debut. As with most things, this has changed. Neither Rotunda are that exciting in the ring. In fact, I could care less when they are wrestling. Bo is absolutely horrific with promos 99% of the time. The thing is, they have done the only thing that could work with Bo Dallas and capitalized on it. His character is on the money but once this is done he’ll be back to being awful. It’s a phase and it will pass, as much as I love it.

      Bray Wyatt has lost some steam being on the main roster where they don’t focus on or develop his character as much. However, I think Bray Wyatt is the best overall and we’ll probably see it more clearly as time passes by. He’ll have more staying power than Dallas.

      Bray Wyatt


      Friend of the site TJ Hawke recently tweeted that Bo Dallas was better than his brother and it was very thought provoking. It was definitely an unpopular statement at the time. Bo has been hated by the Twitter type fan of wrestling fan in an ironic/hipster way. Bray Wyatt has been loved by that same token by the same fans.

      As time went on, Bray has had some really poor matches on PPV and Bo Dallas has had some awesome matches during a great NXT feud with Sami Zayn. I used to like Husky Harris in the ring and I consider this gimmick to be a good thing as it’s new and unique but the more time goes on, the less I like or care for.

      On the flip side, I’m a Bo Dallas Maverick! (Or a BO-Liever as the kids say) I honestly think WWE shows would be improved greatly if he were currently in Randy Orton’s spot.

      Bo Dallas


      I’ve seen almost zero Bo Dallas on NXT, so even though I’m hearing rumours of a rev-BO-lution (are they using that one yet?), my familiarity with him is still limited to his breakout performance at last year’s Royal Rumble / subsequent feud with Wade Barrett. Shades of Maven vs. Undertaker, except not really at all. Oh, and I saw him in a house show tag match with Sami Zayn against the Real Americans, where the crowd deflated every time he tagged in because it meant no more Sami for a little while.

      Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt has had a handful of matches, none of which I particularly enjoyed. It’s a tough one! I’ll say Bray, if only because I still really want him to work out. Bo Dallas seems to be pretty terrific as a heel, but even after trialling it with Colt Cabana AND Steve Austin, I really hate Hulu Plus so I will never watch him until he’s on the main roster (again).

      Bray Wyatt

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      Better PWG opponent for Adam Cole at All Star Weekend: Chris Hero or Candice LaRae?

      Adam Cole was scheduled to face Candice LaRae on Night 1 of the upcoming PWG All Star Weekend event. Recently released, Chris Hero has replaced Candice and will be Cole’s new opponent. This had led to a split of opinions from PWG fans. Who would you rather see face Adam Cole?


      I’ve been begging for Candice LeRae to get a title shot for a long time. I would really prefer her have a run with the title but that’s a whole other story. I am excited to see Hero return and wrestle Adam Cole. It shouldn’t be a bad match by any means.

      The thing is, there are plenty of other opponents they could have put Hero against and let LeRae have her title shot. There will be more PWG shows for Hero to go one-on-one with Cole at. I guess I might feel a little better about it if LeRae gets her shot soon.

      Candice LeRae


      I have to preface this by saying I really want to see Candice vs. Cole and I hope it happens soon. That being said, you can only have one Chris Hero return match and you can book Adam Win Win vs. LaRae any time.

      Hero’s first night back has to be a big deal and…..OH SCREW IT. I tried taking a contrarian POV for the sake of it but I couldn’t finish. Give me Cole vs. Candice damn it!

      Candice LaRae


      It really sucks that Candice got her match passed to Hero. I can kind of see the logic, in that taking advantage of a Hero while he’s still in his ‘return to the indies’ honeymoon makes sense but Candice was SO good in her last two outings with PWG that I was really looking forward to her match with Cole. Also, it’d be a chance for her to be in a match with zero Joey Ryan involvement, which would be an extra special treat!

      They can always go back to her, but All Star Weekend just felt like the right time for it. PWG is usually so good at taking advantage of giving people a chance without waiting too long for the moment to have passed, so this is kind of a shame.

      Candice LaRae

      Better Kane forgotten gimmick: Isaac Yankem or Fake Diesel?

      With Kane’s new look and gimmick, we take a look back at his past of weird gimmicks and weirder hairstyles. Which was better?


      I make way more Issac Yankem references but some of my favorite time-killing involves old Fake Diesel videos. Fake Diesel all of the way. He should still be this character. Screw Kane.

      Fake Diesel


      This has to be Fake Diesel. Try looking back at some of those matches today. It’s absolutely hilarious seeing Kane of all people do the Diesel glove gesture and attempting Nash’s moves with his hair flopping all over.

      Fake Diesel


      Fake Diesel, no question about it. Imagine if it had worked and he’d stuck around for a few years, establishing that pretty much any WWE character could be passed on to a new guy when the original guy left. We could be on our third Road Dogg by now! There could be a whole stable of Gangrels! CM Punk could have been repackaged as Essa Rios! Oh, what could have been.

      Fake Diesel

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