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4 ON 4 Fans: Tag Teams (Chris Sims, Meghan Lovell, Chris Haley, Jarrett Williams)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Four on Four. We have a double theme of sorts, having asked some of our favorite people from the world of cartooning and comics to answer some questions about tag team wrestling! Now let’s meet the panel:

Chris Sims: The World’s Foremost Batmanologist. Senior writer for, co-writer of Subatomic Party Girls for MonkeyBrain Comics and Down Set Fight for Oni Press, solo writer of Dracula the Unconquered and a bunch of weird tweets at @theisb.

Meghan Lovell: Sailorswayze. Artist and 18-year-old girl teen blogging sensation. WWE for Kids version of the average wrestling fan.
Follow her on Twitter @sailorswayze and visit her Tumblr.

Chris Haley: Cult of Personality. The Enthusiast. 4th lead singer of Van Halen. Comics Rule Everything Around Me. Made comics for ComicsAlliance, Boom!, IDW, MonkeyBrain, and the internet.
Webcomic. Podcast. Twitter. Tumblr. These are the important things.

Jarrett Willams: A comic book mastermind and artist of the pro-wrestling graphic novel series, Super Pro K.O.! published by Oni Press. Keep up with his comics on his website. Follow him on Twitter @JarrettWilliams and find him on Instagram or Tumblr. Look out for Super Pro K.O.! 3: Gold for Glory! in 2014! You can order previous volumes from Oni Press or get digital downloads on Comixology.
Jarrett also loves video games, movies, working out, and traveling to parts unknown.

1. Who is your favorite current tag team in wrestling?

Chris Sims:

Current favorite tag team is a difficult one to figure out right now. WWE’s tag team division is pretty slim, and my favorite promotion for tag teams, Chikara, is currently nonexistent due to time travel shenanigans. I will say that even though they’re a trio, The Shield is an absolute joy to watch. Their first few Trios matches, like the one at TLC, were fantastic, and I love how well they work in the ring together, with Rollins taking the suicidal high-flyer stuff and Reigns having a spear that actually does look like it comes out of nowhere.

I’m a big fan of the weirder indie tag teams, too, like The Colony and The Devastation Corporation. I love the latter in particular because they seem to have stepped directly out of 1984, but with better names. Who doesn’t love a guy named Flex Rumblecrunch?


The Real Americans are quickly becoming favorites of mine. I love Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger’s absolutely deplorable heel gimmick but now with the addition of Antonio Cesaro I’m almost guaranteed to not miss a match. The team work they’ve shown in their matches, especially at MITB, have made me excited for what they have in store for the future.

Since the break ups of Team Rhodes Scholars and Team Hell No, I’ve also been really excited to see more 3MB and Prime Time Players. I genuinely end up enjoying their matches along with their gimmicks and personalities.

Chris Haley:

Are there tag teams? Is that actually happening or are we merely watching the husk of what was once the idea of tag teams shambling its way in front of the cameras occasionally? I guess The Shield would have to be the closest thing to a tag team I really enjoy, but mostly because they seem to be great at showing up when I cry out for them and make boring things more interesting. I liked Rhodes Scholars when that was a thing I could like, but that’s not really the question you asked.


I know The Shield is looked at as a stable for the most part but I enjoy Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as the champs right now. I wished they enacted the Freebird Rule to allow any of the three members to team up to defend the belts though. I think that would give a bit more depth to Ambrose as leader also and establish the lengths he’d go to keep the belts on The Shield.

I also enjoy the Briscoe Brothers and The Young Bucks. The Briscoe Brothers look and feel straight out of a comic book to me! I dig their beat-em-up style. I like The Young Bucks just for their flashy, quick maneuvers. I also truly miss the Motor City Machine Guns.

2. Which tag team would you like to see reunite or make a comeback?

Chris Sims:

I got into independent wrestling a little too late to see the Kings of Wrestling, but I love what Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno have been doing in WWE, so I’d love to see them work together again while I was actually paying attention. Just hella uppercuts and elbows all over the dang place.

I will admit to reuniting Rated RKO in my WWE ’13 game, but if I’m honest with you, that was just to give Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie somebody to beat up that wasn’t the New Age Outlaws.


Team Rhodes Scholars is probably one of my favorite tag teams ever and I have a very embarrassing emotional attachment to them as a team. I don’t know if I’d want them to reunite exactly since I wouldn’t want anything to harm this delicious feud at the moment. Maybe after everything’s said and done, even if it’s years from now, I’d like them to be on at least good terms. A girl can dream.

Chris Haley:

I honestly cannot think of a single tag team that could feasibly reform that I’d like to see get back together. Edge and Christian is something I’d like to see, but that’s not happening. All the other teams I’m thinking of couldn’t happen for similar or even more drastic reasons, plus what I’d really like is the versions of them I remember as opposed to what they’d be now, so… I mean, I’m sure there are people I’m forgetting, and I apologize for that, but at this point my brain is the only one I’ve got handy so I’m sticking with it.

Really the number one tag team I’d like to see back together right now is Raleigh and Mako from Pacific Rim. That counts, right?


I loved the ECW Dudley Boyz. Everything about them, especially the heat they drew from the crowd were unlike anything else I remember seeing at the time. The weird family factor was also fun to me.

The Steiner Brothers were a fave of mine as a kid. Again, I related to the family factor and thought Rick Steiner’s head gear was cool. I’m also a sucker for Scott Steiner smack talk so I’d like more of that please.

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the Motor City Machine Guns. I was pretty glued into to most of their matches especially that series versus Beer Money a few years ago.

I loved the New Age Outlaws. Their look, catchphrases, and dynamic was so cool to me. I think they could add some vet credibility to the current WWE tag team division, even if they received a short run. It was fun seeing them earlier last year.

I also loved The Impact Players. Me and my brother would also re-enact their entrance pose. Justin Credible and Lance Storm were perfect to play off each other. I also enjoyed Credible’s cocky style mixed alongside Lance Storm’s technical ring work. It was perfect. So was Dawn Marie.

MNM was hilarious to me as well. Nitro/Morrison, Mercury, and Melina were an entertaining bunch. From the moment they attacked Rey Mysterio during Carlito’s Cabana on Smackdown, I loved them.

Goldust and Booker T were weird in all the right ways. Their pairing really brought out some great moments. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did.

With everything going on economically in the US, I’m surprised there was never a new version of Money Inc. I like the name “Stacks Inc.”

3 Count is such a cool gimmick. 3MB isn’t even close. I’d love to see a rebirth of this group done right. Just try and hear me out. You have to release a free mixtape and a legit single for it to work. Throw in some cool viral videos, Hashtag Q&A’s on twitter, to oversell the concept. Have them at Award Shows, doing promo tours, and have them even perform mini-concerts before your live events to warm the crowd up. They key is for everyone to be in on the joke. It should be a true pro wrestling version of The Lonely Island.

3. What is your favorite tag team finishing move / sequence / act of shenanigans?

Chris Sims:

The Young Bucks’ More Bang For Your Buck is crazy exciting. I saw it before I even knew who those guys were as a .gif (you know, because of the Internet), and the sheer amount of timing involved is insanely impressive. It’s insanely thrilling to see it live.

There was another finisher that I saw (again, in gif form) and I don’t know who does it, but it involved Dude 1 holding up his opponent in a Torture Rack, and Dude 2 jumped off the top rope, double-stomped the guy in the rack, and did a moonsault onto the other guy while Dude 1 dropped the Torture Rack into a Death Valley Driver. That’s pretty impressive.

Also, as someone who still loves the Diamond Cutter to this day, I love the Dudley Death Drop.


In the past five months I have literally gotten so many people into wrestling by just showing them Team Hell No segments. In particular the anger management segments. You can flip anybody’s perceptions on wrestling with those alone, I almost guarantee it.

Chris Haley:

That Young Bucks “More Bang for Your Buck” move is pretty rad. I love any tag moves that involve one member having an opponent on his shoulders with his partner finding a creative way to get said opponent down (like the Steiners’ Doomsday DDT or The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device). I was also a fan of when the Killer Bees would swap out without the ref knowing. I think that falls under the shenanigans category.

The Hart Foundation is probably my favorite tag team of all time, so I was and remain a big fan of the Hart Attack. Along somewhat similar lines, the Dudleys’ 3D is also a favorite.


I could watch Bubba Ray push D-Von all day. There was just something about that “que” to get the tables that always hyped me and my brother up. It was just perfect!

The Doomsday Device is a flawless move that looks painful as hell.

Same for the Thunder Express by the Motor City Machine Guns. I love that move.

The Hardy Boys’ gyrations before every match were hilarious. I can’t even come up with a proper word for what it is that they were doing. But it was effective in making me laugh every time. Hah!

4. If you could be best friends with any wrestler, who would you choose and what would your tag team name with them be?

Chris Sims:

That’s a tough one. Probably UltraMantis Black, because we both love Christmas (although we obviously have dietary differences). We could be Santa’s Little Hellions.


I have a feeling that me and AJ Lee would get along okay. We both have a lot in common like comics, video games, and checkin’ out WWE Superstars. As far as names go “Hot Girl and Her Average Friend” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s all I got.

Chris Haley:

Probably Daniel Bryan or Cody Rhodes as those two seem like the two guys I’d have the best chance of actively getting along with due to similar interests, similar dispositions, or a combination of the two. Daniel Bryan and I would be Team PMA (that’s Positive Mental Attitude), because I would enjoy YES!-ing with him.

Cody Rhodes and I would be Team Triforce maybe… you know, on account of us both loving The Legend of Zelda. I dunno, that really sounds like it’s begging for another guy to be a trio or full-on stable, so maybe Daniel Bryan could get in on that too. Maybe each of the three of us could represent one of the three tenets of the Triforce (power, wisdom, and courage). I don’t know, man, it’s 6 in the morning here, I’m trying my best!


This is a tricky one. I’d want to hang out with Rick Rude in his prime. I always admired his smugness and I’ve always favored heels in wrestling. We’d probably go by The Rude Dudes. Mainly because he’s Rick Rude and I’m kind of a typical “dude”, at least that’s why my exes have said.

I think Booker T would be fun to be best friends with. I met him at New York Comic Con last year and he was very positive and nice. I would love to be a part of a Harlem Heat 2.0 stable with him as manager. I don’t know who my tag team partner would be then though? Ha! It would be even better if Booker T was heel so we get more his crazy antics from when he was on his “Alliance” trip in WWE.

Dolph Ziggler would be a great friend because we already have similar tastes in clothes. A simple V-neck and blazer gets the job done. If we were a tag team, I’d probably be his total sidekick or ultimate fan. I’d quote magazine blurbs about him or carry his suitcase into the arena. Maybe I’d eventually take a Mickie James sort of turn and begin harassing the hell out of him eventually leading to me dying my hair blonde and doing that weird Dolph grind thing he does as part of my entrance. Wait, I’m supposed to be coming up with a tag team name but I’ve just developed a storyline about how we disintegrate. Oops.

Kofi Kingston would be the best because I think we already share the love of comics and video games. I could imagine me whipping him in some Smash Brothers though he’d probably squash me in Street Fighter. As for a name, how about King Street. Kofi’s got some serious King of the Ring highlights, and I’m from the mean streets of New Orleans. That’s a bit of a stretch but I tried to link the two!

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