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    4 ON 4: Survivor Series Special

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four. With the PPV this weekend, we have a Survivor Series theme! As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. Now let’s meet the panel:

    Deidre O’Brien: Wrestling fan of over 20 years who lucked into a job as one-third of the staff at www.droptoehold.com, she can either be found there posting about wrestling or live-tweeting shows on her own Twitter (@heinekenrana). If she’s not talking about wrestling, she’s usually either up to no good or asleep.
    Follow Deidre on Twitter: @heinekenrana

    George E. Boy: Voted most loved Twitter wrestling community personality by the New York Times. Put over by Kevin Steen on PWG All Star Weekend commentary. Great backwards cap.
    Follow Georgie on Twitter.

    Nick Maniwa: Pro Wrestling’s BFF aka #PapaManiwa. #TeamBestDude. Husband to @jessbeesknees. Co-host of @BNMVS w/ @thereedbentley. Commentator for IWA Midsouth. #RespectDaBiz &#DefendIndyWrestling. You can find him on Tumblr (NSFW at times) and find the #BNMVS on Wrestlefolks.wordpress.com & on the Wrestlefolks iTune feed. New show every week!
    Follow Nick on Twitter: @nickmaniwa

    Josh Ketch: Wrestling mask collector. Once proposed to Taryn Tarrell with a ring pop. Drove 16 hours to watch the King of Flight Tournament. Winner of Wrestling On Earth’s summer contest.
    Follow Josh on Twitter: @xiamhollywoodx

    1. What is your all-time favorite Survivor Series moment?


    Oh, man. All-time favorite moment is a hard one to choose, but I have to go with Survivor Series 1998: The Rock winning the WWF Championship for the first time; no one expected him to win the Deadly Games tournament, but he beat Mankind, won the then-vacant title, and along with that came the formation of The Corporation the next night. Genius stuff and one of the few matches I’ll watch whenever I get a second.


    Shawn Michaels winning the World Title at Survivor Series 2002. You’re talking childhood favorite winning the big one a solid 4 years after retiring “for good.” Perfect moment and a fantastic match.


    Honestly, I’m not big on my Survivor Series knowledge. I actually planned to go back and watch every single one leading up to this years and just never got around to it. The most memorable one that led to a lot of great things was the Montreal Screwjob. I guess that would have to be my favorite, as I was a big DX fan and a big Stone Cold vs. Vince fan.


    Survivor Series 2008 when Edge came back and won the title left me absolutely speechless. The match was supposed to be HHH vs. Koslov vs. Hardy, until that morning when a story circulated about Hardy being knocked out in a stairwell at his hotel. The match continued on as HHH vs. Koslov until Vickie came out to announce that “he is here” and the match will be a triple threat as promised. Edge’s music hit, he came out with a dope beard like he had been in a ditch for the past couple of months, and no one expected him. It was magic.

    Hardy tried to make the save but took out HHH and Kozlov with great chair shots to the head, Edge speared Hardy, and pinned HHH. I just re-watched that clip and it has really stood the test of time. Give it a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet!

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    4 on 4 Fans: Casual Fans Special

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four. This week, we have a casual fans theme. We’re looking to peer into the mind of individuals who used to be diehard wrestling fans but rarely or casually watch the product today, or who are happy to watch what WWE has to offer without the distractions of the indies. Let’s meet the panel:

    Juan Vazquez: Was stalked by a Velvet Sky loving werewolf at an independent wrestling show. Handheld video game enthusiast.
    He doesn’t have a twitter but says you should follow ours: @WrestlingEarth

    “Hollywood” Chris Hall: No relation to Hollywood Hulk Hogan, we think. Designer of this glorious website you read. St. Louis Cardinals hater. Bigger Oakland Athletics hater.
    Follow him on Twitter: @powerofliberty1

    Kelly Marshall: Has half of Mr. Fuji’s cane as her prized possession. Also had her camera smashed by Andre the Giant’s foot when she was 10 years old. Roll Tide.
    Follow her on Twitter: @ksm

    Andrew Blackett: Enjoys a glass of shandy on a rainy day, but don’t even think about giving him shandy on a sunny day. Feels like he’s finally ready to take a run at his older brother.
    Follow him on Twitter: @blacketta

    1. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?


    My favorite wrestler of all time… hmmm… this is a tough one. A lot of people would choose a favorite wrestler based on how popular the wrestler is while I base it on how good of a wrestler I think the wrestler actually is.

    My favorite wrestler is… drum roll please… Kurt Angle. This guy really knew how to make a match worth watching. His technicality in the ring was amazing. I believe his greatest matches were those against Brock Lesnar. Nobody could have pushed Kurt to be as great as he is if it was not Lesnar in my opinion. Kurt brought a certain type of physical reality that is rare to see in the ring.


    My favorite wrestler of all time would have to be The Rock. I got into wrestling because of The Rock. One of the most dynamic characters of all time, he used his limited move set to his advantage, adopting a more athletic brawling style that made for very good storytelling during the Attitude Era years.


    Can I have three for my three lives as a wrestling fan? As a little kid, George “The Animal” Steele stole my heart the minute I saw him. I had a MINE doll and I secretly hoped he would win Miss Elizabeth’s heart from Macho Man. Looking back, I probably just wanted him as my own pet.

    I would check out every wrestling book and VHS tape my local libraries had to get a handle on the history of feuds and stables. I was mesmerized by early-NWA. I could never find them on my local TV as a kid, but the old VHSes impacted me enough to know that I should be a Sting-head. As my second life as a fan emerged (when Hogan turned heel), Sting was my man. I was so pissed that he just stood in the rafters and watched. I missed out on the best days of Sting, but he still holds a top spot in my heart.

    Today, it’s Punk all the way. Those times he was ‘drunk’ at Jericho – best. (I took Jericho to Hooters once with Dean Malenko, Chavo Guerrero and Chris Benoit).

    Side note: My favorite referee was Joey Marella, but don’t tell Charles Robinson.


    Stone Cold by far. He taught me so much from a young age and was a fantastic role model. Continue reading

    4 on 4 Fans: TJ Hawke, WellYoureWrong, Shakil, Enrique (PWG Edition)

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four.  As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. This week, we have a PWG theme leading into BoLA weekend. Let’s meet the panel:

    TJ Hawke: Runs FreeProWrestling (GREAT SITE!). Gabe Sapolsky thinks he’s a woman. Is sorry about yo’ damn luck.
    Follow him on Twitter: @TJHawke411

    WellYoureWrong: The dude you see in a fedora marking out at every PWG show. Gofobo master.
    Follow him on Twitter: @WellYoureWrong

    Shakil: Fan of Kassius Ohno’s hipster ways. Lance Storm’s daughter wanted to find him a straight girl.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HipsterKassius

    Enrique: Brings you the best Botchamania intro wrestler vids. Very dedicated PWG fan.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HatingSince87

    1. Who will win BoLA 2013?


    Kyle O’Reilly. Predicting BoLA is a fruitless endeavor because a) we’re all always wrong and b) indications are that PWG changes their mind on this stuff throughout the actual tournament based on how the crowd is reacting to everything.

    With that being said, I think O’Reilly has a strong chance of winning (he’s quietly been pushed rather strongly since the second night of All-Star Weekend), but I can also see Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano, and AR Fox winning it this year. Younger probably has to be considered the second most likely after Kyle. I’m throwing out Gargano and Fox as well, because I think they could impress enough early on that PWG will audible and make one of them the winner.


    I’m going with somewhat of a  wild card with my winner of BoLA. I got Anthony Nese winning it. I feel it will give Nese a huge boost to becoming not just a bigger star in PWG but I will solidify him even more in the independent scene.


    I’m set on one of two people winning BoLA this year, with those people being Kyle O’Reilly and Drake Younger. Actually, I see the finals coming down to those two. Kyle O’Reilly is on a back-to-back show stealing role as of late, and Drake Younger has taken El Generico’s spot as the sentimental favorite in everyone’s hearts.

    I think PWG fans would lose their minds (we will regardless) over a Future Shock title match happening in the future (No pun intended), and the only way I could see Drake Younger not being PWG World Champ by the end of this year is if that match happens. Regardless, one of those two  men are taking that belt home, in my eyes at least.


    Kyle O’Reilly beats Drake Younger to win the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles. Not to take away from any of the talent in this year’s BoLA but Drake Younger has been hellbent on becoming synonymous with PWG but has been portrayed as the good guy who just comes up short of glory so I see that trend continuing through this year’s tournament.

    PWG lets wrestlers show a side of them not really demonstrated elsewhere and I think Kyle really broke out at last year’s BoLA as Sleazy Kyle. I don’t know how many people realize Kyle’s only lost once in singles competition in his entire time in PWG while also having some of the best matches of the entire card (just wait for his match against TJP from TEN) but Kyle’s setback is that PWG is overflowing with talented individuals having phenomenal matches and breakout moments.

    I strongly feel that this year’s tournament will see Kyle ascending to finally challenge for the PWG World Championship and what better man to face than his own tag team partner.

    I’ve always liked the dynamic of having a tag team splitting up and facing each other. It’s just something so basic that can become incredible to witness when done right and I can imagine both men are more than capable of living up to the expectations already set from their program in ROH. I can already see Adam Cole laying claim to being the breakout star of Future Shock, proclaiming himself as the Shawn Michaels of their pairing, while Kyle can be the intense counterpoint intent on finally seeking the glory and admiration that escapes him. Just imagine what they did at Best In The World 2012 in Reseda but even better. Continue reading

    4 on 4 Fans: Miss_Dani_Baby, SniperWolfVA, Fucktronics, JeremyExiled

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Four on Four.  As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. Now let’s meet the panel:

    Miss_Dani_Baby: She hates ketchup and might be considered a college graduate.
    Follow her on Twitter.

    SniperWolfVA: Also known as The Butter Bandit, he lives off of only raisins and butter.
    Follow him on Twitter 

    Fucktronics: He likes to get German Suplexed onto beds and has nice scarfs.
    Follow him on Twitter.

    JeremyExiled: He plays the guitar. He does not play the trombone. Once shaved off a guy’s eyebrow.
    Follow him on Twitter.

    1. WWE has the Inferno match, where the ring is surrounded by fire. If you could book a match with the same general gimmick, who would be in the match and what would surround the ring?


    I’m going to go with The Miz vs. Zack Ryder with the ring surrounded by faeces. Hell, maybe a ring surrounded by flaming paper bags of feces! Not only would it be fitting of both their gimmicks, but I would genuinely enjoy watching the match hoping that one or both would roll in the shit.


    Ghosts. Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt in an Inghosto Match. Every time someone hits the mat a ghost of a dead wrestler will appear on the apron and be able to attack them if they get close. If the ghost of Benoit comes out, after the 63rd slam, it automatically wins the match and can challenge for the belt at Halloween Havoc 2015.


    It would be Layla El vs. Me and the ring would be surrounded by my penis and fried chicken. Don’t even try to tell me that that isn’t exactly what all of you would have said. I think that no matter who wins, I would totally win forever for life always and so I’d never have to have another match or day of living or not living. Time would stop and just kinda go away like Chikara (RIP (FOR NOW (CHIKARA FOR LIFE))) and I wouldn’t even give a half of a roller coaster about it. Thank you, have a blessed day. Goodnight.


    First off, let me say this. If something is surrounding a ring and it isn’t Shetland Ponies, we’ve already been lead so astray that I doubt we can make our collective ways back to salvation. That being said, give me Randy Savage vs. Jim “Das Anvil” Neidhart in a Shetland Pony-jack match. The set-up is that Savage is looking to sell the ponies to Neidhart, but a fight has broken out due to payment disagreements. Winner cooks the po…just kidding. Both winner and loser ride the ponies into the crowd – fade to black. Continue reading

    4 ON 4 Fans: Tag Teams (Chris Sims, Meghan Lovell, Chris Haley, Jarrett Williams)

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Four on Four. We have a double theme of sorts, having asked some of our favorite people from the world of cartooning and comics to answer some questions about tag team wrestling! Now let’s meet the panel:

    Chris Sims: The World’s Foremost Batmanologist. Senior writer for ComicsAlliance.com, co-writer of Subatomic Party Girls for MonkeyBrain Comics and Down Set Fight for Oni Press, solo writer of Dracula the Unconquered and a bunch of weird tweets at @theisb.

    Meghan Lovell: Sailorswayze. Artist and 18-year-old girl teen blogging sensation. WWE for Kids version of the average wrestling fan.
    Follow her on Twitter @sailorswayze and visit her Tumblr.

    Chris Haley: Cult of Personality. The Enthusiast. 4th lead singer of Van Halen. Comics Rule Everything Around Me. Made comics for ComicsAlliance, Boom!, IDW, MonkeyBrain, and the internet.
    Webcomic. Podcast. Twitter. Tumblr. These are the important things.

    Jarrett Willams: A comic book mastermind and artist of the pro-wrestling graphic novel series, Super Pro K.O.! published by Oni Press. Keep up with his comics on his website. Follow him on Twitter @JarrettWilliams and find him on Instagram or Tumblr. Look out for Super Pro K.O.! 3: Gold for Glory! in 2014! You can order previous volumes from Oni Press or get digital downloads on Comixology.
    Jarrett also loves video games, movies, working out, and traveling to parts unknown.

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