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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Are you hungry? I sure am. Let’s fill up on content. Here’s The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

      It’s been a long week but here I am ready to give you what you have all been begging for. Oh yes, the votes have indeed been counted and I have The Sexy Wrestler of The Week ready to be announced to all of you lovely people. I think you all have kind of gone nuts with the voting though. I’m starting to think trolls are voting again so I will definitely be watching for that a little harder in the future.

      The winner this week is REALLY spooky! He’s not a goblin or a ghoul but he does have a lantern. It’s not Halloween and this guy is kind of evil so I’m not sure why this happened. Maybe this beard craze has finally hit maximum shark jump.

      The people have spoken, I guess. Bray Wyatt is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Here’s a picture of Bray Wyatt that I snapped when I spotted him eating in an abandoned house I was visiting a few weeks ago. That plate of food sure looks good. I haven’t eaten in three days because I can’t find my plates. I wonder what exactly it is that he is eating. It looks like a noodle meal of some sort. Let’s enhance that picture and zoom in on that pile of grub to find out.

      Ah, I should have known. He’s eating his favorite meal. Spaghetti and worlds with tomato sauce. They don’t call him The Eater of Worlds just to be wacky. The man does eat them and there is your proof. I wonder if those are good dipped in chocolate too. I wonder a lot but I think this could possibly lead to some major money. See you later.