The Official Mid-Year Spin Cycle OBSERVING Awards

    • The Official Mid-Year Spin Cycle OBSERVING Awards

      TNA’s Spin Cycle airs on Xplosion in the UK and is uploaded to the YouTube channel. It’s amazing. You have to watch it.

      Since we’re halfway through the year and I’ve been OBSERVING the Spin Cycle, I felt it was only right to deliver some mid-year OBSERVING Awards. Be sure to watch all the latest editions of the Spin Cycle over at TNA’s YouTube channel.

      Most Outstanding Panel Member: Rockstar Spud


      The work rate or rate of work that Spud gives you is just too much. From a great feud with Sanada to stellar outfits to beautiful drawings to his war on selfies, Rockstar Spud’s body of work gave him the crown.

      Biggest box office draw-ing: “Dixie Carter” by Rockstar Spud

      Magnificent artwork by Spud.

      Feud of the (Mid)Year: Robbie E vs. Ethan Carter III

      After months of hatred and hostility, EC3 and Robbie finally hashed it out in the Spin Cycle intervention. It gave us an ending as satisfying as Hogan vs. Rock at Wrestlemania 18.

      Most charismatic: Sanada

      The clear winner.

      Worst worked magic: Robbie trying to make his magic work by making EC3 disappear but failing

      Poor Robbie E tried his hand at magic in the Talent Show but could not get the better of EC3.

      Best gimmick: Low Ki

      Gotta love a guy who isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and showcase his wacky side.

      Best practical joke: Sanada filming EC3 in the shower

      That silly Sanada with his loveable hijinks.

      Most disgusting promotional tactic: EC3’s contract stipulations

      Ethan Carter III’s contract has prevented him from participating in numerous events and the world is a lesser place thanks to it.

      Show of the (mid) Year: The talent show

      Make Low Ki Laugh and Spin, Lose Or Draw were close behind but the talent show came in with a late run to make itself the best edition of Spin Cycle. Between EC3’s rapping ability, Spud’s beatboxing, Robbie’s lack of magic skills, Sanada’s elite magic skills and Lance Bass, the talent show was truly the best Spin Cycle episode of all time.

      MVP: Jeremy Borash

      Through the years, the Spin Cycle has been a constant source of entertainment regardless of the panel, topics or format. The one constant has been Jeremy Borash, host and Spin Cycle leader extraordinaire.

      (*MVP is not to be confused with the TNA wrestler Motivate Validate Participate.)

      Spin Cycle superstar of the (mid) Year: Sanada

      Sanada is currently on a once in a lifetime roll of momentum. We’re witness something absolutely remarkable.

      All photos and videos are from TNA’s official YouTube page.

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