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Jumped The Shark Week: Kane

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In honor of Shark Week still existing, I will be discussing moments in certain wrestler’s careers where they “Jumped The Shark” (no, not John Tenta) and lost my interest.

I’ll be honest… I’ve never been much of a Kane fan in the ring or on the microphone, but there was something about his character that I liked. The character’s backstory and his relationship with The Undertaker was always interesting to me, even though the storyline has great inconsistencies.

The mask was a huge part of who he was. It kept a certain mystery about him. The character depended on this mask greatly to keep him intriguing to me. When Kane started speaking it really bugged me because part of the mystery had went away. Part of what made that character so appealing was gone but I would later grow to be okay with it.

Kane tagging with Rob Van Dam and having some sort of comedic role is what eventually made me okay with him speaking. It was enjoyable, just as it was (to a lesser extent) with him and Daniel Bryan. With me enjoying Kane for the first time in a long time they decided this should not last.

He unmasked after losing a stipulation match to Triple H leading to him turning on RVD and becoming pretty unremarkable to me for… well, forever. They have put the mask back on him but it’s void of all meaning now in my eyes. Him and Daniel Bryan had some laughable moments but it did nothing to make me like Kane. It’s strange how merely unmasking a wrestler could lead me to thinking they jumped the shark.