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Seven Things: Best 7 Wrestlers On Twitter

    • Seven Things: Best 7 Wrestlers On Twitter

      Welcome to Seven Things, a list that will run weekly and consist of very eclectic topics. These are of my opinions and doesn’t express the views of others on WrestlingOnEarth.

      First off, thanks for all the feedback on last week’s debut of Seven Things. I was very appreciated. Much like last week, this week’s list is formed off reading Twitter. Twitter is a great outlet to interact with wrestlers. More than ever, most pro wrestlers are accessible in a way past generations of fans would dream of.

      Some wrestlers use social media well, some clearly do not. If there’s enough readers wanting a list of the seven worst wrestlers on Twitter, there may be a sequel but for now, here’s the seven best wrestlers on Twitter.

      7. A.J. Lee (@WWEAJLee)

      AJ provides a rare WWE Twitter that’s entertaining. Most WWE Superstar Twitter accounts feel like robotic beings using their mobile devices as puppets. While playing into the WWE storyline, she finds a way to bring humor and show her clever side despite selling the angle.

      As a female on WWE TV consistently (one DOES exist), AJ has a lot of young female fans and she seems to understand the importance of being a role model. Embracing it, she is often seen interacting with many of her fans.

      6. Gran Akuma (@__AKUMA)

      One of the more interesting wrestlers on Twitter, Akuma usually gives his commentary on WWE and TNA shows. Unlike many wrestlers, he doesn’t shove it in your faces or try to propel his opinions with the fact that he’s in the business but he does provide some insight into the world of wrestling through the eyes of a wrestler.

      Reading Akuma’s live tweets, you get a glimpse into someone who loves watching wrestling and is passionate about what he sees. That should be relating to any wrestling fan who hasn’t become too jaded. The thing I love most about Akuma is that he doesn’t seem to have agendas. That’s very understated in today’s wrestling climate and quite refreshing to see. Just a dude in wrestling who still loves pro wrestling.

      5. Matt Jackson (@MattJackson13)

      I’ve always found that the art of the retweet is almost as funny as anything you can think of yourself. Matt Jackson perfects this. Between crazy fans and crazier wrestlers, Matt brings light to the simplest yet most hilarious things on Twitter.

      Personally, I enjoy that Matt has a lot of jokes about topical things outside of the wrestling world. The wrestling tweets are great but it’s fun to see wrestlers get in the action of every day life humor. Nick Jackson is also worth a follow as the Young Bucks are the two of the few wrestlers I’ve followed and never considered unfollowing.

      4. Big E Langston (@BigELangston)

      Forget wrestlers. Big E Langston is one of the funniest follows on Twitter, bar none. When debuting, many stereotyped him as another dullard like Ryback or Mason Ryan but Big E proved to be a compelling performers in the ring and a five star tweeter outside of the ring.

      One of the brightest guys out there, Big E is a gem of a man on Twitter. (Side note: There was a tweet where Big E called Bo Dallas “vomitrocious” but I sadly could not find it. Maybe it was just a dream I had.)

      3. Edge (@EdgeRatedR)

      Adam Copeland joined Twitter after claiming he never would and we thank the Maple Syrup Gods he went back on his word. As mentioned earlier, most WWE wrestlers on Twitter are robot puppets. While not an active WWE wrestler, I was afraid Edge would be one of “those” on social media. Wow, were those fears Con-Chair-To’d.

      Edge’s honesty is so refreshing to read. He admits flat out that he no longer watches RAW and he doesn’t owe it to anyone to continue doing so. Fans sometimes hold wrestlers to a standard that they have to stay in the bubble for their entire lives and I’m glad Edge defends himself against that as seen in the example tweets. In general very humorous and witty, Edge is a fantastic follow.

      2. Kevin Steen (@FightSteenFight)

      Despite being number two, Kevin Steen is probably the overall most entertaining wrestler on Twitter. From his dealing with numbskull hate tweets to commentary of wrestling shows he watches to the glimpses of his life as a father and husband, reading his Twitter page is often a joy.

      Steen is very connected with the internet audience and understands how to utilize a tool like Twitter to both his advantages and the reader’s. A line very few wrestlers are able to balance. Despite making jokes about others, he never seems to come off as mean spirited or in poor taste like many other wrestlers. With his humor and genuine naure, Kevin Steen’s Twitter page guarantees at least one entertaining tidbit per day.1. Scott Steiner (@ScottSteiner)

      Unfortunately, Scott Steiner’s Twitter career was short lived due to his battle in court with TNA. Of all the things to criticize TNA for, taking Scott Steiner’s Twitter away from us should be #1. At least we can say Steiner got his tweets worth before having to stop. Holding nothing back, Scott made sure to let the world know just what he thought about Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Something every wrestling fan should love.

      Steiner’s lack of internet knowledge just added to the charm as his sentences would end up abruptly or start in the next tweets. Reading his tweets out of context gives you another facet of entertainment. I’m a bit bummed out Steiner hasn’t found a way to cash into his online presence. Imagine a weekly shoot style interview, Big Bad Booty Daddy podcast or just “Life With Scotty In Six Tweets Or Less.” I want it all.


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