The Jeer Section: Debut Edition

    • The Jeer Section: Debut Edition

      Wrestlers say and do ridiculous things.

      Every week, we’ll recap the top few of the most terrible or silly acts perpetrated by wrestlers as we enter The Jeer Section.

      Velvet Sky

      In the latest news of TNA talent publicly making insensitive comments, Velvet Sky stated her displeasure for the celebration of Caitlyn Jenner being acknowledged as an acceptance of transgender people.

      Jenner was given an award for courage by ESPN at their ESPY Awards last week resulting in the following thoughts by Sky:



      Sky and her boyfriend Bully Ray constantly complain about the “political correctness” of Twitter especially in the aftermath of social media’s reaction to her comments and are striking back by selling t-shirts that say “Go Fuck Your Selfie.” You have to love pro wrestling.


      Wrestling fans and many in the wrestling industry are ecstatic about the debuts of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte on WWE TV in hopes of a new era for female performers in wrestling. Of course one person not content with this is Sunny.

      One of the most classless people in the business, Sunny often takes shots at other females she feels threatened by or finds too different from herself. Sunny never wrestled so she decided to insult the new class of women in wrestling making a name doing so for their looks.


      Funny enough, Sunny’s next Facebook status was advertising her web cam sex show Skype specials.


      Less offensive and hateful than the other two but Taz finally exploded on Twitter this week in a very silly fashion. For months, the inventor of the color orange has been making passive aggressive comments about Cesaro ripping him off and refusing to be original because Cesaro wears a towel over his head during entrances.


      Taz would go on a rant spanning over 10 to 15 tweets about a towel someone wears on their head for 30 seconds. Perfectly fitting, Cesaro actually wears the towel as a tribute to Japanese wrestler Minoru Suzuki.

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