Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Hey! It’s time to name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week and you are excited about it.

      Once again, Sexy Wrestler of The Week has been proven to be the center of a controversy. There’s been a long history of really popular things having controversy surrounding them and we are no different. We’ve had bullies and trolls take advantage of the internet to take control over voting before but this time, the culprit has been caught. More on this after I announce this week’s “winner.”

      Without further ado…

      There he is. The Sexy Wrestler of The Week, Tyler Breeze. Yay?

      As I was counting votes I noticed the majority of them were being made in favor of someone that has never had one single vote towards his name. Then I noticed a lot of the tweets and e-mails were coming from accounts that were relatively new and all seemed to have the same typing mistakes.

      After calling in some favors to an old friend, Col. Bill Baxter, we managed to pinpoint the exact person who was doing all of this and ruining what we all fight so hard to protect: the sanctity of The Sexy Wrestler of The Week voting system. His acts were egregious and I am deeply sorry that this week’s edition is tainted by this awful nuisance.

      I’ll leave you with this picture of the culprit.


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