The Best and Worst Wrestling Chants: The Official Tier List

    • The Best and Worst Wrestling Chants: The Official Tier List

      Just as a crowd can make or break a wrestling match, a chant can make or break a crowd. How will you ever know what the best things to chant are? Answer: We’ll tell you. Or at least regular correspondent Nightlife will.

      Hi, I’m Nightlife, un-fan of Friday Night SmackDown, unashamed fan of CZW (however poor the booking may be), blood mark extraordinaire and wrestling chant expert. This is the official tier list for wrestling chants.

      This is an objective measuring stick for the quality of a large assortment of pro wrestling chants. Notice I said OBJECTIVE, which means if you disagree, then you’re literally denying a proven fact.

      Top Tier

      • “Change the channel”
      • The Wave (not a chant but I’M INCLUDING IT ANYWAY)

      High Tier

      • “Super Dragon”
      • “You Fucked Up”
      • “Olé” 
      • “Shut the Fuck Up” (WWE)
      • “This is Awesome” (when chanted ironically)


      Middle Tier

      • “[Wrestler Name]”
      • “Yes”/”No” 
      • “You Tapped Out” (at a babyface)
      • “You Can’t Wrestle” (at anyone but John Cena)
      • “Boring” 
      • “Holy Shit”


      Low Tier

      • “What”
      • “She’s Got Herpes”
      • “This is Awesome” (when chanted unironically)
      • Fandangoing
      • “You Tapped Out” (at a heel)
      • “Shut the Fuck Up” (indies)
      • “You can’t wrestle” (at John Cena)
      • “[Promotion’s initials]”
      • Anything that’s blatantly the crowd putting themselves over, e.g. “We Are Awesome”


      Please Don’t Ever Chant This Tier

      • “[The name a wrestler was formerly known as]”

      –  “Nightlife” aka King of Anime is an un-fan of Friday Night Smackdown. Chat with Nightlife on Twitter.

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