Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is ready to be named. Can you handle it?

      Welcome to another extravagant edition of this incredible weekly content. You would not believe the amount of hits this award brings us every week. People are frothing at the mouth to find out who The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is. I think the secret to the sauce here is that your vote matters. Your voice is always heard and I find that awesome. Let’s do this.

      The votes have indeed been counted and The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is TJ Perk… wait a second.


      Wow. It was brought to my attention by myself through an e-mail to myself that he is not eligible because this week I’m only taking votes for female wrestlers. It’s only fair. More on why later.


      AJ Lee is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. She’s our first ever female winner and will not be the last. Congratulations to possibly the best Diva in WWE on winning wrestling’s most sought-after award.

      Why were only female wrestlers allowed to win this week? An intern I hired from Reddit was fired this morning after I found a huge stash of votes for female wrestlers in the trunk of his car along with a vacuum he stole from the Wrestling On Earth offices. Just by scanning these votes I could make the argument that AJ Lee would have been the winner every week since the beginning of this prestigious award’s life. We will not have anyone stand in the way of democracy and the pure importance of The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. 


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