Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Let’s do this. Let’s name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week right now.

      Here’s your usual “The votes have been counted” bit. This week, things get pretty real. You have voted someone as Sey Wrestler of The Week, yet again. I had thought the fan base had sort of died out but his votes had a huge reemergence this week. Who is it? Well, it’s most likely the person you voted for, statistically speaking. Most votes were in their favor.

      So here it is…


      …AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he is. Your Sexy Wrestler of The Week, Bo Dallas. In this picture he is telling Martin Mull (who is dressed as a scientist) about winning this prestigious award in front of one of the last known F.Y.E.’s. It’s a pretty rare photo but it is legit. Have a good week and never forget to vote. It is important.

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