Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Let’s rock and roll while we name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      What a week it has been! I hope you’ve all had as good of a week as I have. the best part of my week was counting your votes, of course! I can get so much accomplished while counting votes. This week I watched TV, watched stuff on the internet, watched out my window, watched my bookshelf, watched my watch, watched a raccoon eat straight from my fridge because I left my door open, watched stuff on my phone, and I even watched… WRESTLING. Wrestling is my true passion and I will fight for it. That’s not a lie. It is the truth. The votes have been counted and that’s all that matters. Shall we see who you voted to win? I think we shall.

      Heath Slater is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Be it his studded wrestling boots, his red locks, or his raw energy, you all were really into him this past week. I mean, just look at how photogenic this man is.

      And, uh, there’s this too.

      I don’t know… I guess I get it. It’s real and honest. Someone poured their heart into that video. Maybe you will appreciate this fine art.


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