Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      It is a new year but what really matters is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

      If you’re anything like me you’re waking up from a nap because you had a long night. The difference between us is that you’re wondering who the first Sexy Wrestler of The Week of the year is and I already know because I am the vote counter. That is all I do. I have no life because I want to bring this amazing award to all of you every week. It’s not about me but I would like some respect or at least a “thank you.” 2015 is the year I get my much deserved respect for this important job.

      Maybe I’m just stressed. This is the first year we will not have a Sexy Wrestler of The Year but it just didn’t seem right after finding out the votes were being tampered with by my former intern that I had hired from Reddit. This has been a truly disgusting year and I will work relentlessly to remove the ugly blemish from this once prestigious award.

      Now that I’ve released that from atop my chest let us get into it. Let’s get to the business. Let us talk of the deal. The very first Sexy Wrestler of The Week of 2015 is a newcomer to the award and it couldn’t have happened at a better time as this wrestler is known to love New Years. I’m just glad I get to point this fun fact out before anyone else on the internet does. You have NO clue who it is.


      Now you know who it is. The Big Show cements himself as one of the elite as he is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. You voted and I counted. This is a thing you did so you should be happy. Democracy and all of that. I found this picture of The Big Show that you have never seen. Ever. Yeah, YOU’RE WELCOME.


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