Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Welcome to Sexy Wrestler of The Week. In this feature we will name your Sexy Wrestler of The Week. You vote and we count the votes. We then take the person with the most votes and say “Hey, this is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.”

      Welcome back. You’ve made it another week! You can experience the general feeling of finding out who is the sexiest wrestler of the week based on how you, the readers, voted. That’s exciting. But you know that.

      I am going to just go ahead and tell you who the winner is but first, I think you would like a little teaser so here it is: This person has never won this prestigious award. This is new territory for said wrestler.

      Here. We. Go.

      Wow. There it is. Seth Rollins wins his first Sexy Wrestler of The Week award. I’m happy for him but I’m more happy for you all. You all get to vote every week and have your voice heard. that’s really cool! Awesome stuff, ladies and men. I can’t wait for next week and I am sure you can’t either.


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