ROH All Star Extravaganza VI Predictions and Preview

    • ROH All Star Extravaganza VI Predictions and Preview

      ROH is doing an iPPV this weekend. Yeah.

      @JoeySplashwater here to break down the ROH iPPV from top to bottom.

      Adam Cole vs. AJ Styles

      I’m shocked ROH never did this while Adam Cole was the champ. It’s a money match that has been held off for a while and should provide a really good main event. Kind of cool to see the #1 face vs. the #1 heel in a high profile match. I’m expecting AJ Styles to win the ROH title at Final Battle off of Elgin so he’s not losing matches any time soon.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: AJ Styles wins.

      reDRagon vs. Young Bucks in a 2/3 Falls Match for the ROH Tag Team Championship

      The two best tag teams in the wrestling world. They had one of my favorite live matches in recent memory at War of the Worlds. I will be surprised if it isn’t the match of the night and I’m going with reDRagon retaining.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: reDRagon wins.

      Jay Lethal vs. ACH for the ROH TV Championship

      ACH at his best is one of the best wrestlers on the independent scenes. However, when he isn’t bringing his A game, his matches are as disappointing as can be. On a recent edition of ROH TV, ACH and Jay Lethal tore the house down and we saw a breakout performance by ACH. The ROH live show fans clearly connect with ACH more than they do with any of the other future talents so you have to pull the trigger and give ACH the belt here.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: ACH wins.

      Michael Elgin vs. Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Championship

      I wasn’t too into this until a few days ago when Jay Briscoe took it to Twitter and now I REALLY want to see Briscoe beat Elgin’s pumpkin head ass up.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Michael Elgin wins.


      The Decade (Roderick Strong and Jimmy Jacobs) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)

      I think “The Addiction” name is very not good. The tag teams in this match however are good. I love The Decade when the duo of Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong are the team represented. I’m into this tag match.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: The Addiction wins.

      Cedric Alexander vs. Silas Young

      Billed as the battle of the “rising stars,” I am thinking Cedric Alexander wins. He has way more upside to be a main eventer in the future. I like Silas but with his gimmick, I see him as a nice guy to have in the middle of the card but definitely not with a ceiling like Cedric.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Cedric Alexander wins.

      Hanson vs. Mark Briscoe

      I fucking love Hanson. The dude is so unique and rare to anyone else in the ROH/PWG/etc type promotions yet he meshes well with them while standing out. Hanson and his now injured partner Ray Rowe had an outstanding brawl with The Briscoes that was one of the coolest things I’ve seen on ROH TV in a while. I want this.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: Hanson wins.

      BJ Whitmer & Adam Page vs. Josh Alexander & Ethan Gabriel Owens vs. Caprice Coleman & Watanabe vs. RD Evans & Moose

      Everyone tells me good things about Alexander and Ethan. Caprice and Wantanabe are fine. RD Evans act is great. I like Adam Page. BJ Whitmer is…BJ Whitmer. It should be a fun time. RD Evans continues THE NEW STREAK.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: RD Evans and Moose wins.


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