PWG Ten Preview

    • PWG Ten Preview

      PWG celebrates their 10th anniversary in great style with a stacked card. On paper, this has the potential to be the best indy wrestling show of all time.

      I’m not trying to do hyperbole. I genuinely believe that.

      Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen vs. Drake Younger for the PWG title:

      This match is Guerrilla Warfare rules, meaning there are no rules and crazy shit will happen. Adam Cole is on fire as the top heel in PWG. Drake Younger is white hot as the top face in PWG. Kevin Steen is the biggest star in the PWG/ROH centric indy wrestling world. Basically a perfect storm for this match.

      I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest Drake Younger fan and have been rooting against him in title matches but the more PWG shows I watch, the more I lose any of that thought I have left. While I prefer Cole, there’s something special about the story and if he does win the title, it would make for an incredible moment.

      However, I think Cole pulls it off again and retains. Maybe it’s the sexy bias but I’m predicting Adam Win Win lives to see another day. Hopefully Cole defending against Kyle O’Reilly happens before 2013 ends.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Adam Cole retains.

      The Young Bucks vs. DojoBros vs. Inner-City Machine Guns for the PWG tag titles:

      This is a ladder match, meaning there will be a lot of high flying and even crazier shit will happen. The Young Bucks are the best team in pro wrestling and have the best match on every show they are on. The DojoBros are fantastic and PWG is finding a way to use Roderick Strong in a fresh way. Inner-City Machine Guns are the best at doing crazy flip things. (That’s a compliment.)

      Last year’s triple ladder match was one of my favorite matches in PWG history and this one looks like it has the potential to top it. It sounds like the cheesiest thing ever but it rings true here in that we’re all the real winners for getting to see this. That being said, I’ll guess we see a title change with the DojoBros becoming the new tag champions.

      Interest Level: 10/10!!!
      Prediction: DojoBros win the titles.

      Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor:

      On any other wrestling show, this would be BY FAR my most anticipated match on the card. Wrestling on Earth loves Paul London and Brian Kendrick, obviously. Seeing them back in PWG is an indy wrestling dream come true. Johnny Gargano coming to PWG was another indy wrestling dream come true. With Chuck Taylor as his partner, there’s no way this match won’t be extraordinarily entertaining.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Gargano and Taylor win.

      Michael Elgin vs AR Fox:

      I’ve always enjoyed AR Fox in the limited work I’ve seen of him in CZW and WWN Live Universe but at the last PWG show, my mind was blown. Maybe it’s the Reseda crowd, maybe it was due to facing the Young Bucks, but I lost it watching some of his “OH MY GOD I HOPE HE’S ALIVE” moments.

      Add in Michael Elgin, who is having the best match on most shows he’s on and his freakishly abnormal strength and you have another crazy match. I want to say this match can steal the show but that sounds redundant. I’m really looking forward to seeing which spot Elgin will catch Fox mid-air in. I’m hoping for a big solo AR Fox push so I’m predicting with my heart.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: AR Fox wins.

      Forever Hooligans vs RockNES Monsters:

      Think about this for a second. The holders of the most prestigious tag titles in the world are making a rare American appearance….. and it’s arguably the worst match on the card on paper. That’s not a knock on Forever Hooligans or even the RockNES Monsters. Probably the only guys on the card who don’t get the Twitter love fanfare during match announcements, the RockNES Monsters are still pretty damn great and I’m glad they get this chance to shine again.

      Once again, it will sound redundant but this match will be another fun one and exceed expectations. (Side note: Time Splitters vs. Young Bucks in 2013. Make it happen, Alex Shelley!)

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Forever Hooligans win.

      Brian Cage vs. Anthony Nese:

      One of the coolest parts of the PWG Twitter greatness of announcing matches took place during this one. Davey Richards was slated to face Brian Cage but pulled out and PWG tweeted that a replacement would be named soon. Six or seven people (myself included) instantly tweeted it should be Tony Nese and within an hour, Tony Nese was named.

      Nese has been doing incredible work over the last year and it’s really great to see him get a booking in PWG. I expect him to run with the ball and possibly become the new PWG love child within a few shows.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: Brian Cage wins.

      Kyle O’Reilly vs. TJ Perkins:

      Another match-up that would be the highest anticipated match on most shows. TJ Perkins is the TNA X Division champ! Kyle O’Reilly is on a supreme hot streak in PWG! Anyone who has seen these two perform lately can easily predict this match will be amazing. And it’s on the bottom of the card! Seriously, best indy show of all time potential here, folks.

      I’m so hyped for this match that I’m already fearing a potential TNA pulling of it from the DVD and us never getting to see it. Don’t it, Dix!

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: TJ Perkins wins.

      Joey Ryan/Peter Avalon/Ryan Taylor vs. Candice LeRae/B-Boy/Willie Mack:

      My only criticism of PWG is the lack of Willie Mack. No rhyme intended. Glad he’s back and hope he’s a big part of the promotion going forward. There’s a nice talent mix here and the PWG opening 6 person match is always a fun time.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Joey Ryan does creepy things to Candice LaRae that makes us all feel awkward.

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