Twitter Theater: A Look Back At Fake Davey Richards

    • Twitter Theater: A Look Back At Fake Davey Richards

      Weird wrestling things happen on Twitter and they’re very entertaining.

      There was a Fake Davey Richards Twitter account that become a cult favorite and a great source of humor. @DaveyRichards83 was the username.

      Davey himself and Kevin Steen get you up to speed in more entertaining fashion.

      We will take a look at how Fake Davey impacted the future, predicted some things and just how he existed to wreak havoc.

      You can follow the real Davey on Twitter: @RichardsWesley

      Act I: Bad Luck Davey

      Watch as we see the bad luck follow all of Fake Davey’s tweets.

      AJ Styles has since left TNA.

      Petey Williams has retired.

      Jerry Lynn has cut his wonderful hair off.

      Not only did AJ Styles leave TNA but so did D’Lo Brown!

      Mike Mondo is no longer a member of the ROH roster despite becoming a CHIKARA superstar. CM Punk is no longer the best in the world because…

      CM Punk has left WWE as AJ Styles did with TNA.

      Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky have indeed broken up involving a couple of messy tweets afterwards.

      Act II: Davey The Psychic

      Fake Davey predicted some things pretty accurately.

      Davey and his partner had a great match against Matt and his partner as they currently feud in TNA in a story based around respect.

      Seth Rollins debuted a few weeks after this tweet. Fake Davey influence?

      Rollins debuted by causing both Ryback and Cena to lose. He helped beat up Ryback numerous times.

      Not only did Beer Money reunite but they did it in a match AGAINST Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

      All of these were made into bad t-shirts.

      We can assume this was in response to how you can get Jack Swagger temporarily over.

      For better or worse, they did stick together.

      Act III: Classic Davey

      Great Davey moments that don’t fit into any particular box aside from Classic Fake Davey.

      The man says it all.

      I am a Jets fan and sadly even I can’t deny this.

      Fun fact: Bobby Fish decided to search his name one day and traced the “SMELLY FISH” moniker back to me chiding me for my grade school insults when it was Fake Davey’s creation and an endearing term. God damn it, Fake Davey. Way to ruin my chances at Bobby Fish’s love.

      Welcome to the Reality Era.

      RIP Fake Davey. You’re always missed.


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