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Dirt Sheet History: March 2010

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Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at February 2010, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from March of 2010 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

Reminder that you can find all past editions of Dirt Sheet History looking at 2004 through 2009 right here. Now enjoy March 2010!


Eric Bischoff’s and Jason Hervey’s production company is developing a new wrestling-themed reality television project based around a midget wrestling promotion called Micro Championship Wrestling.


Gail Kim may have been injured during the Diva Pajama Pillow Fight Match.


Fans shouldn’t be too dismayed by the storyline of Samoa Joe being abducted by a group of masked men from a parking lot two weeks on iMPACT! as the long-term plan is for this to lead to a renewed push for the multi-time TNA champion.


Most everyone within TNA said it was surprising to see Karen Angle backstage at TNA’s most recent set of television tapings.

“It was very uncomfortable,” said one source. “It was very awkward.”


In an interview with Tulsa World, Bill Goldberg squashed rumors that he is headed to TNA. Hulk Hogan recently said that Goldberg was negotiating with the Nashville based wrestling organization, but the former WCW grappler feels Hogan’s full of it.

“Pardon my French, but Hulk Hogan’s full of crap because I was never in negotiations with TNA,” Goldberg told James Royal. “Do I see myself getting back in the wrestling ring? I’m 43 years old. Do I want to be Ric Flair? Do I want to be Hulk Hogan? In the twilight of my life, do I want to be running around in my underwear trying to injure people? Absolutely not.”


Morale among the TNA locker room going into tomorrow night’s live premiere is said to be “way down.”


Chris Jericho posted the following message on Twitter about last night’s Monday Night War battle:

“The beat down of RVD 20 seconds into his debut in TNA was mind boggling. I dont understand how so many talented people can be so clueless.”


After months of intense negotiations, Rob Van Dam finally agreed to terms with TNA last week. Hulk Hogan of all people spoiled the surprise by noting last Thursday during a radio interview that a major star had signed on with the organization and then doing RVD’s trademark pointing routine, apparently forgetting he was being filmed.

Though terms of Van Dam’s contract have not been disclosed, he has made it clear he’s not interested in working a full-time schedule. There is said to much grumbling among longtime wrestlers as they perceive established stars such as Van Dam being paid big bucks without working house show dates. Furthermore, more than one wrestler noted that RVD took an unnecessary shot during a recent interview when he said he couldn’t understand why people want to see him go from beating superstars such as Steve Austin and The Rock in WWE to wrestling the likes of Christopher Daniels in TNA.

“You’ve seen Rob Van Dam beat Big Show, The Rock, Steve Austin, and now you want to see me go over Christopher Daniels and that’s really what you want to see? That’s confusing to me.”


There was much disappointment among the Poffo family as Randy Savage contacted both WWE and TNA, asking them to send some kind of a message to be read at his father’s funeral. TNA sent a message while WWE ignored his request.


On Facebook, when asked by a fan to comment on Monday’s iMPACT! rating, Eric Bischoff replied, “Markus…you need to get a life.” The fan had asked: “Why aren’t you commenting on your thoughts on this week’s ratings. They weren’t better but I think everyone would like to hear what you think.”


In an interview with Sky Sports, John Cena is asked to comment on WWE’s Wellness Program, which most notably includes drug testing. While he feels the creation of the program was the right move on the company’s part, he doesn’t feel it was a necessary one as WWE Superstars are regarded as entertainers rather than organized athletes.

“It’s nothing but a positive. I’ll be quite honest with you, it’s a company move that didn’t need to be made,” said Cena. “This is the entertainment industry, we’re not organized athletics. But the WWE made a positive effort to look after its athletes and I’m very, very happy. It was the right move.”


One oft-overlooked factor in TNA’s destiny to compete with rival promotion World Wrestling Entertainment are the added expenses entailed.

Since January, the company has ballooned its roster to over 70 performers with the notable additions of high priced stars such as Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and the former Mr. Kennedy. Furthermore, the company has added the costly expense of going live every other Monday night and promotion of said move (i.e. airing commercials during Monday Night Raw and running Billboards in Times Square). Other than slight bumps in house show attendance and merchandise sales, TNA has to little to show for its efforts. In fact, ratings are at its lowest levels in four years due to the move to Monday nights.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer cryptically said during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that TNA is having bigger financial problems than most realize.

“I’m worried about my friends who work for TNA because they have bigger financial problems than anyone knows,” Meltzer said.


TNA writer Vince Russo claims that he personally reached out to Paul Heyman and tried getting him to join TNA. Russo wrote, “Oh, and one last thing, for the record: I called Paul E personally to ask him to join TNA. He declined.”

There’s no time line given as to when Heyman was allegedly offered a job with TNA, but the book was published on January 22nd, 2010.


On Monday’s live edition of TNA iMPACT!, Mick Foley punched backstage interviewer Bubba The Love Sponge in the face following his loss to Jeff Jarrett in the “Loser Leaves TNA” match.

The punch looked stiff on television and now Bubba The Love Sponge is claiming on Twitter that Foley “misjudged” the punch and really cracked him in the face.

Bubba suffered a bloody nose and a black eye from the punch. He says that while he was being treated by EMT’s, Foley came back and apologized to him for punching him so hard square in the face.


In his latest blog on the TNA website, Mick Foley commented on punching Bubba the Love Sponge in the face on Monday night during iMPACT!:

“I know some people will claim I hit him on purpose because of the Awesome Kong incident, but that is not the case. I spoke to Bubba the day after that deal, and told him how I felt about it, then had a chance to discuss it on Bubba’s show and write about it on TNA’s websit. So as far as I am concerned, there was no problem.”


Former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg announced on his Twitter this evening that he’s negotiating with WWE regarding a possible return to the company.

“YES.. I am in negotiations with the WWE,” Goldberg wrote. “Looks like ‘ole Hogan and TNA missed the boat. Shame for the fans they didn’t even try.”


During a live chat on the Arizona Republic website, John Morrison was asked how long he thinks it will take before he arrives onto the main event scene. Morrison listed John Cena as the current WWE champion and called him ‘boring’.

“Who’s champion now? Cena? Ugh. Boring. Yeah, I think my time is coming,” Morrison said. “I’m rounding the corner right now in the main event parking garage, where all the spots have been taken for a really long time. I think some of the cars in the main event parking lot are about to be ticketed and towed after WrestleMania. There should be some spots available.”


Bret Hart on his Relationship with Vince McMahon: “We’re pretty respectful of one another. I think there’s some genuine … I think he feels bad for what happened. I think in a lot of ways Vince was a big fan. Vince McMahon is the world’s biggest wrestling fan. He loved all the work I contributed. The only thing Vince loves more than wrestling is his money and somehow that’s where we ended up having a lot of problems. We’re all right as far as … it’s sort of a mutual respect. He’s done a lot for me and done a lot for my family and the wrestling world and wrestling industry. He’s just got a funny way of doing business sometimes.”

Bret Hart on his Relationship with Shawn Michaels: “Well, I don’t know if we’re … I think we’re respectful of one another and we both know for whatever the circumstances and there’s lots and lots of reasons why we collided the way we did. Once upon a time we were good friends. When I took a step to forgive everything that happened and shake his hand, I think it was very real when it was done on TV. I think Shawn was really moved by that and he understood it took a big man to take that kind of step forward to him.


Vince McMahon discusses WrestleMania XXVI. possibly wrestling his final match this Sunday, and TNA moving its programming to Monday nights on Spike.

Regarding TNA, he doesn’t view them as competition as he feels they’re in different businesses. He then blasts the company for the heavy amount of blood featured.

“We’re in different businesses,” McMahon said. “We’re in the entertainment business and they’re in the ‘pro wrasslin’ business. It’s different markets. When they moved to Monday nights they threw the kitchen sink at us and only did a fraction of our audience. It doesn’t speak well for the type of product they’re trying to present with the tawdry, blood-soaked action. I don’t think that’s what the culture wants these days.”


TNA president Dixie Carter responded to Vince McMahon’s criticism of TNA in an interview published yesterday with a post on Twitter.

“To be called tawdry from the King of Tawdry, that is some compliment!” Carter said.

Furthermore, Taz also noted the following in regards to McMahon’s comments: “Mae Young stuff is all high road, or when JR was sick Dr Hynee bit (classy)! Pot, meet Kettle. Nice to see VKM is a TNA viewer!”


WWE made history tonight at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ, as WrestleMania XXVI grossed $5.8 million, becoming the highest grossing and attended entertainment event ever held at the stadium. The previous record was a U2 concert on October 20, 2009 that attracted 50,775 fans and grossed $4.9 million. 72,219 fans from all 50 states and 26 countries attended the sold out event, outdrawing Super Bowl XLII (71,101 attendance) in the same building.


Shawn Michaels came up short against the Undertaker last night at WrestleMania XXVI and as a result, has been forced into retirement. The word backstage at WrestleMania is that Michaels is leaving the company and everybody was congratulating him on a great career and saying their goodbyes to him.

When Michaels arrived backstage, he was greeted by WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat and the two legends hugged and had a few words. Michaels also embraced his wife and the two had an emotional moment together.

Michaels was telling people that it’s time to be a full-time husband and a father, but he’ll always be a part of WWE. He also had some words with Bret Hart and the two shared some laughs together.


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin admits he “has one last match” in him.

I appeared (as a celebrity guest host) on Monday Night Raw to push the movie (Damage),” says Austin. “WWE has changed. It’s a different climate, more of a PG image. They’ve cleaned it up a bit. For me to go back, I have to watch my Ps and Qs. It’s another day and age. They’ve got young superstars to sell. Do I have a match left in me? Absolutely. Do I want to do one more? I don’t know. I’m very content with leaving well enough alone. I don’t want to be 90% of what Stone Cold was.”


Huge story coming out of Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings scheduled to air on Friday:

Money in the Bank winner Jack Swagger cashed in his briefcase and defeated Chris Jericho and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. WWE is sad to have high hopes for him.

– Tune back in next month for more Dirt Sheet History as we continue 2010.

Stories are credited from Rajah, PWTorch, PWInsider and The Wrestling Observer. Month name photo art is by Phillip Martin.

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