Wrestling On Air: Episode 50, 9/28/18

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    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 50, 9/28/18

      It’s an all ages celebration for everyone! 50 Years of Wrestling On Air!

      We’re joined this fortnight by the biggest party animal of them all, Patrick Gill (@pizza_suplex)! MC Orin (@orinanne) is gonna break it down with Tim (@TimWelcomed) who’s breakdancing on the floor, Tom (@TomBlargh) chats up the entire party, and Socks (@SocksMahoney) stands by himself at the punch bowl. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      50th Anniversary

      Tim brings us the latest from the weird southern wrestling promotion he goes to, Orin posts some feet pics, a sterling recommendation for DAMANDYZ DONUTS, #AskPCOAboutOrin, The Gang bravely confronts the truth that Dean Ambrose has become Daddy, The Crew googles “twitter big show porn bus”, Tom and Orin visit the spider forest, sortin’ out the pigeon head video, Vince talks to the ghosts of dead animals, and why won’t the saudis ask PCO to wrestle the Undertaker?

      The inbox is open for questions to be answered on future installments of Wrestling On Air! Just send your questions, comments, goofs, spoofs and opinions to wrestlingonair@gmail.com or tweet them at the hashtag #AskWOA, or leave a voicemail at (737) 4HEY-WOA ([737] 443-9962).


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