You are currently viewing ScoopZone Elite: June 22, 2015

ScoopZone Elite: June 22, 2015

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News for The Week of June 22, 2015


  • Sheamus spent a few hours in the emergency room this past weekend after his facial hair got caught in an oscillating fan.


  • Rusev has been posting on r/legaladvice asking about how to get away with taking creepy pictures of Lana.


  • Adam Sandler and Kevin James are trying to find roles for Dolph Ziggler in future films after reading he may be leaving WWE.



  • Dixie Carter believes Disney should remake ‘Bambi’ from the point of view of the hunter who killed Bambi’s mother showcasing the beautiful sport of hunting.


  • TNA is looking to rebrand their show as “Wrestling Impact” after noticing the change from Impact to Impact Wrestling didn’t work out as well as they had hoped.


  • TNA is trying to see how long it can go without naming a main event for their PPV on Sunday before anyone notices.

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  • Chael Sonnen has not helped Global Force Wrestling‘s ticket sales.


  • Bret Hart is looking to start a podcast where he tells it like it is.


  • Lance Storm is boycotting Pixar’s Inside Out because “that’s not how emotions work!”


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