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4 ON 4: Survivor Series Special

Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four. With the PPV this weekend, we have a Survivor Series theme! As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. Now let’s meet the panel:

Deidre O’Brien: Wrestling fan of over 20 years who lucked into a job as one-third of the staff at, she can either be found there posting about wrestling or live-tweeting shows on her own Twitter (@heinekenrana). If she’s not talking about wrestling, she’s usually either up to no good or asleep.
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George E. Boy: Voted most loved Twitter wrestling community personality by the New York Times. Put over by Kevin Steen on PWG All Star Weekend commentary. Great backwards cap.
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Nick Maniwa: Pro Wrestling’s BFF aka #PapaManiwa. #TeamBestDude. Husband to @jessbeesknees. Co-host of @BNMVS w/ @thereedbentley. Commentator for IWA Midsouth. #RespectDaBiz &#DefendIndyWrestling. You can find him on Tumblr (NSFW at times) and find the #BNMVS on & on the Wrestlefolks iTune feed. New show every week!
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Josh Ketch: Wrestling mask collector. Once proposed to Taryn Tarrell with a ring pop. Drove 16 hours to watch the King of Flight Tournament. Winner of Wrestling On Earth’s summer contest.
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1. What is your all-time favorite Survivor Series moment?


Oh, man. All-time favorite moment is a hard one to choose, but I have to go with Survivor Series 1998: The Rock winning the WWF Championship for the first time; no one expected him to win the Deadly Games tournament, but he beat Mankind, won the then-vacant title, and along with that came the formation of The Corporation the next night. Genius stuff and one of the few matches I’ll watch whenever I get a second.


Shawn Michaels winning the World Title at Survivor Series 2002. You’re talking childhood favorite winning the big one a solid 4 years after retiring “for good.” Perfect moment and a fantastic match.


Honestly, I’m not big on my Survivor Series knowledge. I actually planned to go back and watch every single one leading up to this years and just never got around to it. The most memorable one that led to a lot of great things was the Montreal Screwjob. I guess that would have to be my favorite, as I was a big DX fan and a big Stone Cold vs. Vince fan.


Survivor Series 2008 when Edge came back and won the title left me absolutely speechless. The match was supposed to be HHH vs. Koslov vs. Hardy, until that morning when a story circulated about Hardy being knocked out in a stairwell at his hotel. The match continued on as HHH vs. Koslov until Vickie came out to announce that “he is here” and the match will be a triple threat as promised. Edge’s music hit, he came out with a dope beard like he had been in a ditch for the past couple of months, and no one expected him. It was magic.

Hardy tried to make the save but took out HHH and Kozlov with great chair shots to the head, Edge speared Hardy, and pinned HHH. I just re-watched that clip and it has really stood the test of time. Give it a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet!

2. Which Survivor Series team do you consider the most memorable?


From Survivor Series 1995, the team of Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoe Watanabe and Lioness Asuka.  At the time,  having not been exposed to much ladies’ wrestling or wrestlers from outside the US at this point, that team stands out as one of those “Wait, what is this? I LIKE this! MORE!” moments (and also contributed heavily to my abiding love of Aja Kong).

I don’t think I felt that way again about wrestling until I stated watching Chikara and PWG matches (not that I didn’t still love wrestling, but that sense of astonishment isn’t something I think I could take every day. Best to parcel that out.)


The Four Doinks are the most memorable. Don’t ask why. Grow up.


Most memorable for me is Team WWF from Survivor Series 2001. I watched that at a sports bar with a bunch of “rasslin friends” from IWA MS and it was just a blast. Talk about a loaded match too.


Most currently, would be this year’s Divas match. The only stipulation to be on one side of the ring, is to have been on Total Divas, with the other team made up of the people hat weren’t trusted to be on a scripted reality show so it’s sure to be a barn burner.

The one I’m sure everyone will mention Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and all of his royal minions vs Doink and his… Dinks? Yeah… Dinks.

*Looks on Wikipedia and it turns out they had names*

Okay, so it was The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Queasy and Cheesy) defeating Clowns R’ Us (Doink the Clown, Dink, Pink and Wink). Yes, Jerry the King Lawler and Sleazy were two different people.

However, the team I think the best team was easily Team DX, which consisted of HHH, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and CM Punk. They didn’t have any member of their team eliminated, and even though CM Punk was new in WWE, everyone was chanting for him throughout the pre-match DX schtick. The crowd was on fire for that match, and as a fan of almost every guy in that match, it becomes nearly impossible to top.

3. Where would you rank Survivor Series against the other annual WWE PPVs?


If I’m making a list, I’m putting WM at the top, with Royal Rumble second, Survivor Series third, SummerSlam fourth and Money in the Bank rounding out the top five.

After that comes everything like HIAC, Elimination Chamber, etc., but I think those five are the ones that are the game-changers, where things actually happen that resolve and progress storylines, as well as being fertile ground for anything to happen.


I would rank it 5th best of the year behind the big three and Money in the Bank. MITB should be a new big 5 PPV. TELL ME I’M WRONG!


It’s definitely 4th, after Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble (my personal non Mania favorite PPV), and Summerslam. It’s a shame they’ve moved so far from the original concept. Obviously stuff is a lot different now but they could’ve thrown lower card guys a bone and let them have a 15 min sprint of a match to open the show. No reason why guys like Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel aren’t killing themselves on these show. I actually look forward to PPVs like TLC more than Survivor Series, personally.


Survivor Series really has lacked in the past decade or so. Besides my previously mentioned big moments, nothing else sticks out, besides Michaels winning inside the Elimination Chamber. For some reason Wade Barret fought Orton in 2010 to headline one of the biggest events that WWE puts together. WTF?

A big reason for it becoming so lacklustre is because they did away with the traditional large tag matches. However, this year’s card seems to be a return to form, and will likely be a great spot for a lot of up and coming guys to shine.

As far as how it compares to the other annual PPVs, Royal Rumble is the highlight of the year because it’s not too predictable and very FUN. Mania is always a great event followed by Money in the Bank, Summerslam, Extreme Rules, TLC, and Hell in a Cell. Survivor Series is somewhere mixed in there, and is hardly consistent; at this point it’s just a tradition.

4. What do you consider the best and worst parts of Thanksgiving dinner, and which wrestlers would you compare them to?


In my house, the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is firstly the ham. That’s everyone’s favorite thing, so I have to put Daniel Bryan as the ham here (sorry, Daniel, I am aware this will disappoint you).

Second favorite thing is pecan pie, and Antonio Cesaro is pecan pie. Definitely. I love Cesaro and I think he can do fantastic things by himself as well as being teamed with Swagger, and pecan pie is pretty great as its own meal – if you’re like me a slice of pie is a good breakfast, don’t judge me! – or as an accompaniment to round out a good dinner.

The worst part? Green Bean Casserole. I feel it’s overrated. Triple H is green bean casserole (though he may not be wrestling now, I still view him as a wrestler before I see him as an authority figure); he’s there because everyone guesses he has to be, but no one’s really interested and everyone wants to ignore him as soon as he’s around. Come on, there’s HAM. Who wants green beans and onions when you have ham?


The side dishes are the best. They’re like the Rhodes Family: reliable. Dusty Rhodes is mashed potatoes, babay. Worst? Maybe yams. Fuck yams. Mike “Yams” Mizanin, AMIRITE?!


The worst part overall for me is working the day of Thanksgiving. Food wise, I’m not a fan of deviled eggs, so they would be like the Eva Marie of dinner. They look nice but I don’t dig them in between the ropes or on my plate, lol.

The turkey is definitely the main event. I find it so odd when people don’t enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving. That’s my HBK of the meal. You know it’s always going to be quality. My wife was at one time, a vegan. For Thanksgiving 2008, we got her a full vegan dinner, complete with Tofurkey. That was Ultramantis Black for that dinner. Vegan & not everyone got it, :).


The best parts of thanksgiving dinner are the side dishes, and the worst part, is anyone who won’t let you leave the table to go catch Robbie E in a turkey costume on Impact.

Stuffing is my favorite. Even though it appears dull, it is crisp and smooth. Stuffing = AJ Styles.

Pumpkin Pie is orang-ish and gross, very much like a Sheamus match.

Big Daddy V = rolls.

Cena is the meat. He has been a main stay and a staple for many years, but is just a little dry sometimes.

Green bean casserole is another favorite. It is light and has a bit of a pop to it. Kind of like Dolph Ziggler.

Cranberry sauce is just the absolute worst, if you like that stuff, than we aren’t friends. Cranberry sauce = The Great Khali.

My mom catching the turkey on fire is similar to Benoit. Both have been burning for the last 5 years.

My uncle who is a recovering alcoholic = Scott Hall. Goodnight everybody!

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