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Wrestling On Earth’s ROH Coloring Book Competition: Round 2 – The Young Bucks

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If there’s three things the Wrestling On Earth crew loves, it’s wrestling, coloring and spirited competition, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Tim (@TimWelcomed), Joey (@JoeyOnEarth), Tom (@TomBlargh) and Shelly (@ShellyDeathlock) all chose a page from the ROH Coloring Book (created by the wonderful @punkrockbgmouth) to color, making for four pages in total. There was some arguing about what kind of tools and materials we were allowed to use, but in the end, we decided that everyone could choose between pencils or crayons (though Tom ended up being the only one to choose crayons and he’s pretty salty about it, but whatever).

We’ll feature a new page colored by each participant every day, before allowing everyone to vote on the winner at the end. This is day two – you can see the previous day’s efforts here. Never mind that though, LET’S GET COLORING!

Round 2: The Young Bucks



Ernie and Buck Jackson are the very essence of art, plain and simple. As a former art major (one semester) I chose to design their gear in red and purple. These colors together correlate with not only intensity but also royalty. These are two strong traits of The Young Bucks. Now, you may be telling yourself “this guy’s flesh colored pencils broke.” That is NOT the case. I’m a professional and as a former art major (one semester) I saw fit to create my own subversive commentary by coloring their skin with shades that are often represented on modern extraterrestrial designs to show that Ernie and Buck have talent that is not common on our green and beautiful Earth.  It’s called “artistic license.” Open a book sometime.



I had an idea in mind for The Young Bucks pants but I fucked up on Matt Jackson so I just started to draw triangles. That’s what I did during kindergarten art class so why not mail it in here?

Matt is sporting Spider-Man colors and Indytaker is sporting Los Angeles Clippers colors. IndyTaker is purple for being the Lord of Markness and Corporate Kane is blue because I realized this would be my weakest submission and just wanted to use my favorite colors. Plus I figured Matt would look handsome as a blue psychopath. I was correct.

I swear my other Young Bucks picture turned out better and I will be tweeting it out soon.



The Young who? As far as I can tell, these two kids are doing some kind of Team Xtreme tribute act, only they forgot to wear cargo pants. I fixed that for them, though I kind of messed up their hair – it’s not easy doing fine details with crayons! JEEZ! Give me a break!



Hey Matt, are those space pants? Because your superkick is out of this world~~~
Nick is in KANA cosplay because I need to get some new hobbies.


Tune in tomorrow for Round 3 of the ROH Coloring Book Competition: THE BRISCOES!