You are currently viewing Wrestling On Air: Episode 71, 6/7/20

Wrestling On Air: Episode 71, 6/7/20

Now THIS is podcasting.

Tom (@TomBlargh), Orin (@orinanne), Tim (@TimWelcomed) and Socks (@scottblah) are back at it again, whether you like it or not (but please like it). Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio and/or Spotify. There’s also an RSS feed!


The Gang investigates new ways that wrestlers can give back to fans willing to pay a steamy premium, Randy Orton is… cool now???, Otis gets his own personal gimmick match, a deep dive into the sick and twisted mind of the Virtuosa, a startling discovery about the truth of Danhausen, and a Rap Genius-esque breakdown of the lyrics of Eric Bischoff’s theme song.

Wrestling On Air – 71 – OnlyMarks

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