Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Turn off your screensaver because it’s time to unveil your Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      After a much needed hiatus, I am back to present to you the Sexy Wrestler of The Week. I just got back in today so the fill-in presenter was in charge of tallying the votes for this past week. I noticed that you all had moved on from Adam Cole to Prince Devitt. I find it odd that this happened the week of me leaving.

      What’s even more strange is the winner for this week. I came in and all of the collected voting data for this week had been deleted. I was going to double check the votes when I saw who the previous writer had tallied as the winner. I hate to say it, but I think he might be trying to sabotage my legitimacy.

      With that said, here is “your” winner.

      That’s right… my fill-in said that you all voted for Bo Dallas as your Sexy Wrestler of The Week. I hope he is telling the truth. I really don’t want to be ruining the prestige of this weekly competition.

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