Wrestling On Air: Episode 56, 1/3/19

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 56, 1/3/19

      She transferred various minutia; messages saved between her and Anoch, videos they’d sent to each other, and photos of them together overlooking the freshly terraformed oceans of Mars. She ignored many of the other documents on server, tucked away in neat little folders with titles like DO NOT OPEN, Secret Military Plans, Nudes (Just Kidding [Not Kidding 😉 ]), or SERIOUSLY DO NOT OPEN I SWEAR TO GOD. Instead a pop-up appeared that said “Are you sure you want to reformat your server to factory settings? WARNING: You will lose all of your data.” Corianne hit Yes.


      The greatest of the world of wrestling is honored here and only here. Join us as our Mastorin of Ceremonies (@orinanne) guides us on a trip down the very best of the very best of 2018. The Arbiter (just like Halo) Tim (@TimWelcomed) will direct us towards the correct choices as only he knows how, and I’m sure that ol’ cutup Talltale Tom (@TomBlargh) has some fanciful anecdotes to keep us entertained between the awards. Sideshow Socks (@SocksMahoney) will be serving drinks (poorly). Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      The Second Annual WO Awards

      Socks gets really warm, AQUAMAN CHAT, the prestigious WO Awards are given out to the best of the best in the world of wrestling in 2018, The Four Horsewomen’s matching vape rigs, AJ Styles buys poor quality food for his dogs, a rundown of Ryback’s future appearances, and Tim might not be OK.

      The inbox is open for questions to be answered on future installments of Wrestling On Air! Just send your questions, comments, goofs, spoofs and opinions to wrestlingonair@gmail.com or tweet them at the hashtag #AskWOA, or leave a voicemail at (737) 4HEY-WOA ([737] 443-9962).


      Holiday Theme (Dance The Night Away JINGLE BELLS Holiday REMIX Festive Party Beats) by Da T-Man
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      Wrestling On Air Outro (Slumber Off To Dreamland, An ASMR Experience) by Socks Mahoney
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