Wrestling On Air: Episode 73, 12/25/20

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 73, 12/25/20

      Join us for the only part of the year where people get extremely upset about jams.

      You think you know Jams? You don’t know shit. There’s only one true Jam master, and his name is Tim (@TimWelcomed). This year, instead of eating the jams, he’s going to be inundated by mystery jams from his pupils Tom (@TomBlargh), Orin (@orinanne), and Socks (@scottblah) and he has to guess which jams are which. We Back. Merry Xmas. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio and/or Spotify. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Jammin’ w/ Tim 4: Jammin w/o Tim

      The Gang chats The Queen, the tables have turned on Tim as the Jam Master must become the Jam Student, Tom lectures everyone about forever foods, Nick Gage gets a beyblade, Soul Patch Chat, Woman 2 Woman Re2urns, Orin has developed a solid reputation of integrity and outstanding performance, nobody knows where The Impact Zone is, places you can go with Taz, and a truly unforgettable Xmas Miracle!

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