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Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Pull out your wallets because it is time to shill and name your Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      This week’s edition of Sexy Wrestler of The Week coincides with the launch of my new funny wrestling t-shirt line “Pay Window Tees,” so I decided to do a cross-promotional shirt for this gigantic occasion! You can expect EPIC LOLZ and a lot of people at wrestling shows pointing at your shirt and saying “I get it.”  Be prepared for witty wordplay and your shirt arriving in the mail just a few months late smelling like weed.

      I’ve counted your votes and created a shirt based off the winner, so without further ado…

      There he is, your Sexy Wrestler of The Week once again, Prince Devitt. This was enough to strike me with the inspiration to create my first shirt for my new t-shirt company, Pay Window Tees: “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Devitt.”

      The joke is that there is a singer named Prince who changed his name to a symbol and went by “The Artist Formerly Knoown As Prince” for a little while so I just added “Devitt” to the end and added a font so that you could easily associate the two things coming together for one HUGE funny moment.

      For those worried about me using the rights to Prince Devitt’s name and personal brand for profit, do not fret because this shirt was approved by his mother’s cousin’s aerobics instructor’s daughter’s boyfriend so it’s is 100% okay with his family. He even said I could keep all of the money!


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