Dirt Sheet History: February 2009

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    • Dirt Sheet History: February 2009

      Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

      Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at the beginning of 2009, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from February of 2009 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

      Reminder that you can find all past editions of Dirt Sheet History looking at 2004 through 2008 right here. Now enjoy February 2009!



      * TNA Wrestling is offering the newly created position of Chairman for its Main Event Mafia faction – and the opportunity to openly sell chairs, steel chairs – to ousted Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

      Blagojevich was arrested on criminal charges on December 9, 2008, for conspiring to sell the senate seat vacated by then-President Elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder.


      * In Jim Ross’ latest SmackDown column on the WWE Universe site, he says he doesn’t want to see Mickey Rourke wrestle Chris Jericho at WrestleMania.

      “…Rourke really doesn’t have any business getting in a high-level, memory making match at the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania XXV,” Ross wrote. “I loved Rourke’s role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson in “The Wrestler” and even saw the film twice.”



      * Ring of Honor is said to be interested in recently released WWE star Val Venis once he is ready to return from injury.


      * Former WWE/TNA valet Shelly Martinez is auctioning off the pair of event-worn pants she wore before she was revealed to be the unknown LAX member that would come out and help them.


      * According to multiple reports, Chris Jericho was involved in an altercation with multiple fans as he was leaving the arena following yesterday’s Raw brand house show in Victoria, British Columbia. A female fan spat on him while he was getting into his car, which provoked an incensed Jericho to strike at the girl and knock her to the ground. At that point, a man in the crowd rushes in to attack Jericho, but he shoves him away.


      * Canadian news website TimesColonist.com has coverage of Chris Jericho‘s altercation with fans outside yesterday’s Raw brand house show in Victoria, British Columbia.

      On how the entire ordeal instigated, Jericho is being accused of directing a racial comment towards the boyfriend of the female fan he attacked, who is of South Asian descent.

      20-year-old Ashley Levey said the altercation began when her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, started heckling Jericho as he was driving through the parking lot. The female fan said Jericho got out of his vehicle and made a derogatory comment towards Johl. Levey said Jericho pushed her boyfriend first. She then called Jericho a racist, who then spit and punched her in response.

      According to another witness, Jericho spit in the woman’s face after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe. The witness said the female fan started hitting Jericho and he turned around and punched her in the face.

      “I was really surprised that a pro wrestler would do that with everyone watching,” witness Darshan Stevens said. “And hit a girl, what are you thinking?”

      According to the story, both Levey and Johl were later arrested but released without charge.


      * Former TNA wrestler Christian has officially returned to World Wrestling Entertainment.

      Christian made his debut during tonight’s live edition of ECW by interrupting a promo by ECW Champion Jack Swagger. Cage insulted Swagger by making fun of his noticeable lisp.


      * Chris Harris was telling fans at a signing that he’s probably going to sign a contract with ROH.


      * Tyson Kidd made his WWE debut in a win over local competitor Bao Nguyen. Kidd is WWE developmental wrestler T.J. Wilson. WWE had plans to call Wilson up to the Smackdown roster with DH Smith and Natalya several weeks back as the New Hart Foundation, but those plans changed when Smith went to the creative team and pitched a role for himself on the Raw roster as a member of Legacy.

      As a result, there was heat on Smith from other wrestlers as they felt he damaged Wilson and Natalya’s chances of making it to the main roster in a pronounced role. A tag team with Smith appeared to be Wilson’s best and perhaps only chance at making it on the main roster as we never heard anything about WWE utilizing him as a singles wrestler.


      * Paul London ranted about Matt Hardy on a radio show. London recalls a story regarding his perspective on Hardy as he once told him on him in catering, as if the situation were from a high school cafeteria. “I said a cuss word in catering and he actually raised his hand and told on me,” London said.


      * In a blog post on his WWE Universe account, Matt Hardy responds to Paul London without mentioning him by name. Hardy simply refers to him as “some ‘Hooligan’ that used to be employed by the WWE.”

      “It’s someone I got hired after allowing him to have a great match with me on Velocity, and then by going to bat to management for him,” Hardy wrote. “And then he became bitter because he attempted to follow in my footsteps, and couldn’t measure up as a man in any way – and I mean in any way.

      Hardy said this is an example of what happens when someone tries to cross him. “I ALWAYS win in the end,” Hardy wrote. “Enjoy your pathetic life, you’re welcome.”


      * When asked about MLB players who have been caught using steroids, John Cena said he thinks they should all be thrown in jail.


      * Among the wrestlers, there was an immediate negative reaction to TNA parting ways with Petey Williams, who the company decided to let go last week. There was resentment in the cut as Williams was seen as guy who always worked hard and never did anything wrong, while other wrestlers who don’t give it their all and are often causing trouble aren’t going to be let go.


      * The word making the rounds at the No Way Out PPV on Sunday was that Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan were in talks about the possibility of Hogan doing a match at WrestleMania. John Cena was originally rumored to be Hogan’s opponent, but WWE clearly shook things up at No Way Out and started a John Cena vs. Edge program on RAW. With Mickey Rourke‘s WrestleMania involvement still up in the air, there’s now talk of Hulk Hogan wrestling Chris Jericho at WrestleMania as part of the ongoing “legends” storyline.


      * Hulk Hogan appeared on good friend Bubba the Love Sponge‘s radio show this morning to discuss rumors of a possible appearance at WrestleMania 25. Hogan said he spoke to Vince McMahon this past Sunday.

      It would appear that the two discussed plans of an appearance at WrestleMania as Hogan said he was willing to donate his payoff for the event to the family of John Graziano. However, Hogan said they were unable to agree on a specific scenario for him at the event, but McMahon is open to doing something with him in the future.


      * Scotty Goldman, who was future endeavored by World Wrestling Entertainment this afternoon, posted the following blog on his MySpace account acknowledging his departure from the company and immediate plans:

      Yes. I was released by WWE.

      There’s only two things that are on my mind right now.

      1) Move back to Chicago
      2) Go to England and Professionally Wrestle Johnny Saint

      There’ll be a lot more to come, but for now, sit tight.

      Goodbye Scotty Goldman.
      Hello (again) Colt Cabana!



      * In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hulk Hogan reveals that he was asked to play the lead character in The Wrestler. Hogan claims he was sent the script and considered for the part of Randy “The Ram” Robinson. He read it a few times when it crossed his agent’s desk, but passed on the movie. Nonetheless, Hogan believes Mickey Rourke did a great job in the film.

      “The movie got made and they cast Mickey Rourke,” Hogan said. “I thought he did a great job.”

      While Hogan was complimentary of Rourke, he wishes Rourke could have had 30 years of wrestling experience to tell a more accurate story.

      “I don’t think the public could have handled it, though,” Hogan told the Los Angeles Times. “Just made me realize after seeing the movie with Mickey Rourke that if someone does the real Hulk Hogan movie, you better hang on for the ride, brother.”


      * As announced this evening, WWE has parted ways with Raw Superstar Manu (real name Afa Anoa’i, Jr.). Regarding his release from the company – which was said to not be much of a surprise – officials were unhappy with his ring work, as well as his overall appearance, which led to his removal from Legacy. Manu had not been seen in several weeks, although the beginning of the end actually started on the last episode of Raw in 2008.


      * Freddie Prinze, Jr., star of such hits as To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, left his post as a member of World Wrestling Entertainment’s creative team this past week. He had been working underneath the tenured wing of SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes. It’s interesting to note that Prinze, Jr. actually tried quitting the company a few months ago, but was talked into staying part-time. He was in the loop on everything up until last week’s shows.

      A few months ago, Stephanie McMahon had approached the She’s All That star about adding to his creative team duties and heading up a few new projects she had in mind. The buxom brunette even offered him a promotion and more money, but he politely declined, saying he was actually a few days away from handing in his notice to the company. Stephanie was caught off guard by his response, but talked him into staying part-time for a short period of time.


      * There is said to be a growing resentment of TNA leader Jeff Jarrett within the company. While the ten-time World Heavyweight Champion has his share of defenders, particularly among those he personally hired or had a hand in hiring, a good portion of the locker room is frustrated with his booking.

      There is said to be a split amongst members of the company’s office staff. Those who came in as part of Panda Energy when TNA President Dixie Carter bought the company and don’t have ties to the second generation wrestler have grown skeptical of his creative performance.

      Despite the problems, Carter remains loyal to Jarrett. While she questions his ideas and butts heads with him at times, she is quick to question negative remarks about him if she feels they are untrue. Internally, the feeling is that if any management changes are made, the creative team would get a pass and other officials would end up cut.

      Despite his less than stellar reputation, writer and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vince Russo is not being blamed for the apparent poor booking among those frustrated within the company.


      * Team 3D appeared on the Orlando-based Between the Ropes radio show this past week hyping a free show featuring students from their wrestling academy on Saturday. During the interview, Brother Ray was asked about Christian’s jump to WWE.

      Christian is a hell of a talented person,” Brother Ray said. “I just don’t think that TNA was the right place for him, and quite honestly, I don’t think that going back to WWE is the right fit for him either. I hope he’s happy with whatever he does. I hope he makes a lot of money. I hope all goes well for him.”

      – Tune back in next time for more Dirt Sheet History as we continue looking at 2009.

      Stories are credited from Rajah, PWTorch, PWInsider and The Wrestling Observer. Month name photo art is by Phillip Martin.

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