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Streets Ahead: Great Things

As a change from the usual Streets Ahead format, we’ll be discussing multiple shows, DVDs and overall cool things in the wrestling world.

This week, we’ll look at five great things that you should definitely check out!

1. The Kevin Steen Show: The Tag Team Edition

Most of you are probably already aware of this or have even watched it, The Kevin Steen Show was too good to not mention here. This option is a good deal with two shoot interviews for the usual $20 DVD pricing. Past editions of The Kevin Steen Show with Adam Cole and Michael Elgin were fun but the one with The Young Bucks is clearly the best.

From Scott Hall’s reaction of Nick Jackson doing a Swanton Bomb to the full story about Booker T hating the Bucks, they are very open about everything in their careers. Nick Jackson is VERY candid when asked about the Bucks 2011-2012 run in ROH. I would rank this among my favorite all time shoot interviews with Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s, CM Punk and Samoa Joe’s and a few other classics.

The Super Smash Bros episode is also entertaining. Homeless dads, lamp shades and references to Gabe Sapolsky are always fun. On par with the Cole and Elgin shoots, a great bonus to have with the Young Bucks shoot.


Here’s a preview:

You can get it for sale on Highspots via DVD or download.

2. Wrestling With Rosenberg

Peter Rosenberg is a diehard wrestling fan who happens to be a radio host on a popular New York hip hop radio station, Hot 97. You may have seen him guest commentating on ROH Final Battle 2009, playing a guest manager at live TNA shows or marking out with CM Punk at Survivor Series 2011.

Rosenberg has been recording interviews with wrestlers for the past few years and they are fantastic. Unlike most interviews, Peter finds the thin line of being a friend and a fan. Friendly with wrestlers, he gets some of the biggest WWE and TNA names to discuss personal and inside stories openly. However, the fan in him is strong as he asks the questions that “smart” or “devoted” fans want to know.

Here’s a GREAT Wrestling With Rosenberg episode interviewing his friend Mark Henry:

Wrestling With Rosenberg basically gives you shoot interviews with current wrestling stars and releases them FOR FREE.

I highly suggest you check out the full playlist of interviews for FREE and you can follow him on Twitter.

3. King Of Flight

Brian Kendrick presents a one night, eight man tournament in California. AR Fox, Paul London, The Young Bucks, Samuray Del Sol, Ricochet, Amazing Red and Rich Swann compete for the (literal) crown of high flying wrestling.

The show starts with Paul London handing out kazoos to the crowd. Hard for a show to not deliver with that being the first thing you see. Match wise, you see many of the top PWG and DGUSA talent having fun matches.

The show was easy to watch and very enjoyable. Nigel McGuinness commentated, which also added to the fun. I hope Kendrick runs another show and releases it in the near future.

Here’s a preview:

You can read a full review here: Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Brian Kendrick’s King of Flight 2013

The show is available at Highspots via DVD or download.

4. IMPACT Wrestling Podcast

WWE and TNA things often aren’t classified as Streets Ahead material but I think there’s a lot of people that haven’t given the Impact Wrestling podcast a shot yet. It’s been running for about a month and it had it’s best episode recently.

Daniels and Kaz sing “Movin’ On Up” and I think that’s all I really need to say to sell you on it. The entire episode was an enjoyable listen. I expected to scroll through for certain parts but stuck around for the full listen.

While many people are sour on TNA lately (which I get), the side internet projects have always been stellar. From the Impact Backstage Pass to the Post Show to the Spin Cycle to now the podcast, TNA is on the ball with these kind of things and I’d give the credit there to Jeremy Borash. Give the following episode a chance and you’ll likely enjoy it. At worst, you get your fix of Kaz and Daniels.

IMPACT Wrestling podcast featuring Kaz and Daniels:

You can hear more podcasts on iTunes or check the library out on Youtube.

5. Wrestler Observing Movieletter

Past 4 on 4 contributor to Earth, Darin Corbin brings us a series of movie reviews…… using wrestling logic we’ve seen dictated in certain newsletters. Under the ‘Wrestling Is’ umbrella, it’s a very funny and enjoyable feature. I remember watching the first one about a year ago and hoping they would keep this going.

A year later and it’s still fantastic. Corbin has done some past enjoyable features on YouTube but I think this is his best and probably the best comedic based wrestling series on the internet. Sorry, Worst Promo Ever.

Here’s a recent episode of the Wrestler Observing Movieletter review of “Now You See Me”:

Corbin compares Isla Fisher to Lex Luger. If that doesn’t get your interest, I don’t know what will.

Watch a full playlist of Wrestler Observing Movieletter and follow Darin Corbin on Twitter.


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