Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Two weeks in the making. It’s a double-dose of Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Let’s catch up!

      After a brief one week hiatus, we are back to name your Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Don’t worry! Your votes have been counted for both weeks and guess what? By amazing coincidence the same person has won this honor the past two weeks.

      If you remember, Dean Ambrose was on a hot streak but we couldn’t find him. The man was missing! Did his return to TV keep the dream alive? Well, I think I am going to use a VERY good meme to answer that question:


      Have you seen this thing?! It’s hilarious. This is why I come to the internet. What is funny about it is that it’s a picture of Dean Ambrose saying “nope” with that VERY PHRASE written underneath it in a big and fun font! Look at his face. He’s totally saying nope! I can’t stop laughing about this viral internet meme.

      I think MORE memes should be used on this great website and I think more people need to be taught the fine art of Memes. I might need to use my expertise on this particular subject very soon.

      But yeah, Dean Ambrose didn’t win either one of the last two weeks for some reason. I can’t even begin to understand your voting methods. So, who won? Well, funny you should ask…


      Dean Ambrose’s arch-nemesis Seth Rollins is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week for this week and last week. Crazy, right? I wonder if he can take it next week. That’s for you to decide!


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