Seven Things: 7 Most Asinine Things Michael Elgin Said

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    • Seven Things: 7 Most Asinine Things Michael Elgin Said

      Michael Elgin has become pro wrestling’s Amanda Bynes.

      Muddled in controversy with Ring of Honor the last few months, Michael Elgin sat down with HighSpots to take part in a “shoot interview” to clear his name. Breaking the silence, Elgin answers everything about his citizenship issues, heat among wrestlers in the ROH locker room and why he lost the ROH Championship.

      At the risk of exposing myself too much, I’m a softie at heart and many times when I go into watching a shoot interview of a wrestler I dislike, I tend to find sympathy for their side of a story and understand them a little better. This was not the case here.

      Elgin shows a high level of arrogance and entitlement while passing the blame to everyone else for each of his issues. I wouldn’t recommend watching this unless you’re hooked deeply into the ROH vs. Michael Elgin story and even so, I can’t vouch for sitting through 2 hours of this.

      HighSpots provides excellent content like The Kevin Steen Show and Project Paul London DVDs that are much more worth your money and time. For traditional shoots, there’s a $1 Davey Richards shoot on their VOD site that was far more interesting than this.

      7. “People like to just get butt hurt. That’s in our society.”

      No, this quote was not about anal sex. Though, Michael Elgin does talk about his sex life later in the shoot thanks to Wrestling On Earth’s own @TomBlargh.


      Elgin was asked about referring to himself as “Mr. Wrestlemania Weekend” and it rubbing the ROH locker room the wrong way. He admitted that many ROH wrestlers disliked him and were annoyed by the nickname but it was “funny” to him. Elgin says he’s a funny guy that just loves to make jokes and saying something like that is his concept of humor. More ridiculous is “Unbreakable” talking about how society gets offended too easily and that was the case with his fellow ROH wrestlers.

      95% of the time in life when someone’s excuse for saying stupid is that society gets too offended these days, it’s because the person is unhappy with reaction to saying or doing something foolish. See: Daniel Snyder and NFL folks wanting to keep the insensitive “Redskins” name while holding on to the crutch that people are just too sensitive today.

      6. “I don’t get offended very easily. I’m not insecure.”

      Once again, Mikey is referring to the ROH locker room. Elgin states that many on the ROH roster gets offended too easily and that has no place in the wrestling business because it shows a sign of insecurity.

      WAIT WHAT?

      Michael Elgin has been caught searching his name on Twitter and telling people that he invented a move that Cesaro uses. On Wreddit, he implied that multiple WWE wrestlers have been watching his matches and stealing moves back in February.


      Elgin actually wanted to FIGHT someone because they called him a goof on Twitter. If I had to bet, I would say he is the most insecure wrestler on the planet because he reacts poorly to any less than positive report about him. The funny thing is most of the die hard ROH fan culture liked Elgin until this past year because he’s more apt to the kind of genre enjoyed yet he would pick the one or two people that disliked him and make an ass of himself. This spiraled into more fans disliking the way he carries himself and the wrestling losing its luster.

      5. “Groceries are really expensive in Canada!”

      Elgin was trying to say that ROH owed him $32,000 for the month he had to live in Canada. One of the reasons for this was because the groceries are really expensive in Canada. This likely was part of the “worked” aspects of his demands to come back to ROH but you can tell he was trying to present himself as somewhat likeable and believable during this interview to clear his reputation. The $32,000 line killed any chance he had.

      4. “I sell more in PWG.”


      Sell more what? T-Shirts? Quinoa to the folks on line?

      3. Any comment involving Adam Cole

      Michael Elgin has an inferiority complex regarding Adam Cole. Likely due to ROH and PWG both choosing Cole to be “the guy” they build around over him but you can sense Elgin’s mindset when he needlessly references Cole a few times.

      Multiple times when discussing ROH’s rules for how the champ is booked in PWG, Elgin sounds like a jealous younger sibling complaining how things were different for Adam Cole. Michael comments that “someone” was allowed to wrestle a woman in PWG but he wasn’t allowed to wrestle Seleziya Sparx at AIW or AAW or whichever mid-west promotion Elgin wanted ROH to become. He also talked about how “someone” was allowed to lose the PWG title but he got heat for losing to Trevor Lee. Was there a double standard between Cole and Elgin? I’d assume so. However, you can just sense the jealousy Uncakeable has with the sub-tweets come to video.

      When talking about NJPW tryouts, he made sure to point out that some mysterious source he couldn’t name said that NJPW loved both him and Cole. It’s one thing to say NJPW wanted him (and then blame ROH collusion for blocking him from going to Japan) but he of course pairs himself with Cole as an equal since there were rumors of Adam nailing the NJPW tryout. I wish the interviewer asked him more about Cole to get more material here. In fairness, Elgin did say Cole was a good champion to build on and is very good “for his age and experience.”

      2. *spitting*

      This was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in 2014. Elgin was chewing tobacco and spitting it into a bottle for a full two hours. I decided to play this shoot interview in its entirety for site content (aka this) and I regretted it 10 minutes in due to the constant spitting. It’s one thing to do that in an environment like The Kevin Steen Show where it is a fun time of chatting with a friend or if you’re Shawn Michaels getting a quick pay day but in a “serious” interview set to “clear your name” and prove something, it just is unfathomable.

      At one point, I stop watching because seeing people spit is just flat out gross to me so I try to listen to the audio while writing. The spitting becomes even worse as he opens the bottle, spits and closes the bottle every other minute. The continuous sound of his spit hitting an empty water bottle was almost as bad as listening to one of his promos.

      1. “What if someone from ROH was good enough to be in MLB? WWE promotes Brock’s UFC history.”

      Maybe this is the most genius and elaborate work of our time and Elgin is flawless at portraying the delusional bozo with no concept of common sense but I think he actually believes this. Let’s break this into a story.

      I’ve been personally told by a couple of people and the story that broke on multiple reliable wrestling web sites is that Michael Elgin believed he could play in the MLB due to a fun little game between ROH wrestlers before the Field of Honor show on a Brooklyn minor league baseball field. Elgin hit a Home Run off Steve Corino and he started to believe he could make it as a baseball player. They didn’t even use a full baseball field as the ring was being built on home plate.

      Brock Lesnar was arguably the most unbeatable and most financially successful MMA fighter in the world at one point. Lesnar is one of the most rare performers the wrestling industry has ever seen. To compare the punch line that Elgin’s MLB hopes had become to Brock Lesnar’s unquestionable success in UFC was the most delusional of his comments. Despite my disdain for the way he carries himself here, there’s a sense of pity for me as Elgin very well may have talked himself out of any relevant wrestling promotion. Unbreakable broke himself.