ScoopZone Elite: November 17, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: November 17, 2014

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      News for The Week of November 17, 2014


      • With The Great Khali’s departure, WWE will be donating the bamboo that made up The Punjabi Prison to the World Wildlife Fund to show there is no ill will.


      • Roman Reigns was the main wrestler spokesman for WWE 2K15 because WWE thought that if a wrestler who was not ready for the big stage hyped a game that was not ready for release, they would cancel each other out.


      • Dean Ambrose makes little anarchy signs in his alphabet soup using the O’s and A’s. He throws all of the other letters up against a wall.


      • With TNA’s future in doubt, Taz is petitioning NJPW to start “The Bullet Club: Black and Orange.” 


      • Ethan Carter III is going to be out 3-6 months with injury aka until TNA returns to TV.


      • TNA will cater to nostalgia and hype it’s debut on a new channel with the return of the four-sided ring.


      • Between having to miss PWG shows next year and Michael Elgin‘s general existence, it’s been a very difficult month for the ROH locker room.


      • The Honky Tonk Man is probably whining and complaining somewhere about something right now.


      • Lance Storm wants more Fritos in his fast food.

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