Dirt Sheet History: Wrestlemania XX

    • Dirt Sheet History: Wrestlemania XX

      Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

      Our first trip back to Dirt Sheet History looks back at the week of Wrestlemania XX. Almost 10 years ago, the wrestling climate was very different but the tawdry world of petty gossip existed as strongly as ever.


      * Those on the Smackdown roster say that John Cena‘s popularity in the locker room continues and his push hasn’t gone to his head. He’s said to be very punctual and shows a genuine respect for the business, while abstaining from alcohol and drugs. One wrestler stated “Everyone is rooting for him to continue to get better in the ring so he can be a true top tier headliner.”


      * The following notes are from the John Cena interviews which aired earlier today on WEEI (850-AM) sports talk station and JAMN 94.5, both in Cena’s hometown of Boston, MA:

      When given 3 ladies’ names and was asked which one he’d marry, which one he’d have sex with, and which one he’d throw off a bridge, Cena said he would “give his best 15 seconds” to Dawn Marie, would marry Sable, and would throw Torrie Wilson off the bridge. He said Torrie was too prissy, but would do whatever he had to do to keep Sable.


      * To update the altercation between Torrie Wilson and Sable at yesterday’s Smackdown taping, it was mainly due to “Wilson pulling her usual stuff” according to one source. Wilson has been creating friction with the other divas on the Smackdown roster backstage since she did the Playboy issue with Sable, including getting a singles match changed to a tag team teddy bout at a house show last month without consulting with the other women involved in the match beforehand.


      * As we reported earlier, Brock Lesnar announced yesterday that WrestleMania XX would be his last date for WWE.

      Brock Lesnar was said to have stood up in front of all the Smackdown crew at the pre-show talent meeting and announced that he was leaving WWE after WrestleMania, to pursue a career in the NFL. This situation started when Lesnar told co-workers that he has been upset about the direction of his character, and becoming burnt out by the traveling. He met with Vince McMahon last week at Smackdown during a meeting and voiced his concerns and informed him that he would be leaving WWE.

      Lesnar was also upset that after WrestleMania he had to feud with the Undertaker and put over his Dead Man character, which he feels, does not sell for the other wrestler.

      Lesnar informed everyone at the meeting that he could no longer find happiness in the business and was feeling miserable.

      Lesnar thanked Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Gerry Brisco for finding him in college and also thanked Big Show and Paul Heyman for helping him with his wrestling career. He was said to be very emotional after the announcement and wished everyone well.


      * This Sunday’s Wrestlemania is still considered to be Goldberg‘s last date for WWE before his contract expires and he leaves. Unless, there is a change in plans, it is expected that Stone Cold Steve Austin will hit the Stunner on Goldberg on the way out which Goldberg doesn’t have a problem with, since he’s friends with Austin.

      * Stacy Keibler and Test are intending on moving to Los Angeles in the near future to pursue possible acting roles.


      * As previously reported here, the original plan for the Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels World Title match at WrestleMania XX would be a Ladder match. WWE decided later that adding the stipulation would not be needed for WrestleMania, since they are expecting the event to do strong buys.


      * Those in the cable industry have estimated that NWA-TNA shows are currently drawing between 6,000 and 10,000 viewers per week.

      * Although Lex Luger has lowered his asking price from $5,000 per week to $2,500 per week, those in the NWA-TNA locker room feel that it isn’t the smartest move to spend that much money on someone who they don’t believe will boost PPV sales and Luger has received a significant amount of heat over this. There is also the belief that one of the reasons Luger is being brought in is so they’ll have a better working relationship with Sting. It should also be noted that Luger can’t legally drive and has to be driven to shows by Johnny Swinger.

      * Randy Savage has discussed purchasing part of NWA-TNA while some sources have gone as far as to say Savage may even look to purchase controlling interest which is a distinct possibility.


      * Debra Marshall, Steve Austin‘s ex-wife and former WWE Diva, has put her wedding ring up for auction on Ebay. The starting price for the ring is a whopping $200,000.


      * WWE had plans for a Matt Hardy/Mark Henry feud and the two were going to have a match at WrestleMania XX. The plan was to have Hardy snap his losing streak at the show. Once Henry got injured though, the WWE decided to scrap the Henry/Hardy feud and the “losing streak” gimmick.  For any kind of injury you can buy medicine get 1mg offer on medicine purchase.

      * There is a possible spoiler regarding WWE bringing back the ECW brand. A domain name was created, NewECW.com that redirects to WWE.com. As previously reported, Vince has been considering bringing back the ECW brand and have it make its return later this year.

      Stories are credited from 411Mania and Rajah.


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