You are currently viewing ScoopZone Elite: July 21, 2014

ScoopZone Elite: July 21, 2014

ScoopZone Elite: July 21, 2014

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News for The Week of July 21, 2014


  • WWE is going all out for the Summerslam set. Despite trying to cut costs they will be sticking glow-in-the-dark stars all over the Raw set for the big summer pay-per-view event.


  • WWE pity advertised Fozzy on Raw tonight due to Chris Jericho complaining that Flo Rida got to perform his “jamz” despite Jericho having a band free literally every Monday.


  • Zack Ryder genuinely believes his win over Fandango is going to result in a push.


  • With the amount of pictures showing low attendance at TNA events reaching an all-time high, TNA has ordered thousands of life-sized dolls to sit in the empty seats.


  • TNA wants Sanada to grow a neck beard and wear a cowboy hat.


  • Taz is angry about something or someone.


  • Vince Russo accidentally e-mailed one of the writers of this site the following: “Hey. Sorry, I was asleep. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow?”


  • Global Force Wrestling will be holding seminars soon. Wrestlers are encouraged to bring their acoustic guitars.


  • Lance Storm‘s favorite band is Fun..



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