ScoopZone Elite: August 11, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: August 11, 2014

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      News for The Week of August 11, 2014


      • Vince McMahon tweeted that Babe Ruth is at Raw tonight. We can confirm that this is not true.


      • Dean Ambrose returns to his high school once a week to throw chocolate milk cartons against the old gymnasium’s wall.


      • Ryback is petitioning to become a babyface again due to the fact he used to get free buffalo wings during the “Feed Me More” days.


      • Axl Rotten, Chris Chetti and Tod Gordon are scheduled for the next TNA NYC tapings.


      • TNA has cancelled a plethora of house shows. Our sources can confirm that this has nothing to with TNA’s financial situation. An anonymous person within TNA reached out to tell us that it is because “we are all… uh… r-really tired. Yeah. That’s it. We are tired! Time for some sleep, ya know?”


      • Mike Tenay has not traveled to NYC for the recent TNA tapings and records all of his commentary at home in between naps.


      • Alberto Del Rio is headed to AAA in Mexico to continue his lifelong tradition of beating the heck out of the former Sin Cara.


      • Jim Ross is already angry about whichever wrestler is going to do a dive off a dugout at ROH’s Field of Honor show on a baseball field.


      • Lance Storm has an irrational fear of birds because “their legs are too tiny.”


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