Scoop Zone Elite: August 4, 2014

    • Scoop Zone Elite: August 4, 2014

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      News for The Week of August 4, 2014


      • Hulk Hogan recently stated that he is training for one more match and he wants his opponent to be John Cena. We can confirm that was the first time anyone in WWE had heard about this plan.


      • Mark Henry’s son was the model outlined for Jack Swagger’s new shirt.


      • WWE is hiring Mariano Rivera and Tim Howard to help save The WWE Network.


      • TNA is marketing this week’s episode of Impact as “The Loss Boss Toss hosted by Jim Ross and Duke The Dumpster Droese.”


      • With worldwide fan praise for his work in NJPW’s G1 Climax, AJ Styles was recently seen emailing a Vine of him very awkwardly doing crotch chops to members of TNA management.


      • TNA is trying to hire as many new wrestlers as possible so if the situation arises and they do have to close their doors they can blame it on “trying to fix America’s unemployment problem.”


      • Numerous indie wrestlers were seen celebrating after Kevin Steen‘s final independent wrestling appearance under the impression they may actually have a chance to make sales at the merch tables now.


      • Chikara is looking into building a real time machine to go back to a time where more people were interested.


      • Lance Storm walked out of Guardians of the Galaxy because “raccoons can’t talk.”


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