WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue One, Page 11

    • WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue One, Page 11

      WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

      On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

      WCW: The Comic (Issue One, Page 11)

      WCW: The Comic is probably the property of Marvel Comics / WWE, though I’m not entirely sure. This website makes no claims to own it; all panels and images are posted in the spirit of fair use and are the property of their respective owners and creators.

      Tom: Up next to try and end Johnny B. Badd’s reign of terror is Scott Steiner, in all his beautiful purple singleted glory (though that still doesn’t stop Johnny from blurting out more nonsense because BROTHER HE LIVES HIS GIMMICK, WHAT A WORKER, SHOOT ME A TEXT BRO):

      Anyway, after we learn that the sound of a man splashing another man is ‘BWHAPP’, Scott’s struck with a moment of realisation:

      So, in the grand tradition of Andre the Giant, Ken Shamrock, Kane and Drew Carey, he eliminates himself to help his brother Rick, who’s suffering from the life-threatening injury of a sprained ankle:


      It’s a beautiful moment, only to be ruined by those GOD DAMN SNARK MARKS IN THE FRONT ROW:

      UGH I HOPE SOMEBODY PUTS THOSE DICKS IN THEIR PLACE SOON. Will it happen Monday? Let’s hope so! See you then.


      @tomblackett is super into wrestling and comics. He also writes The Merch Table for this very website.


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