You are currently viewing Match of the Week: Sid vs. Disco Inferno and Erik Watts (WCW Nitro)

Match of the Week: Sid vs. Disco Inferno and Erik Watts (WCW Nitro)

Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

This week, we’ve chosen a few matches that can technically be considered one match of Sid vs. Disco Inferno and Erik Watts from the September 13, 1999 edition of WCW Nitro. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the action.

Part 1: Disco Inferno vs. Erik Watts


We know what era of WCW we are watching because Tony Schiavone clearly has given up. He simply says “good move” when Watts hits that very weak kick at the beginning. This is the least and most basic thing a commentator could say while on the job.

The crowd wants one person and one person only. Sid. On a side note, “Sid” is one of the strangest names to give someone. Sid. It’s funny as hell.

We get a close up of a sign that, had the crowd not been going wild chanting for Sid to show, I would have put a large sum of money down on it being planted there. Sid shows up watching the match backstage and we get a hard-to-hear mumbling promo by The Psycho One.


I’m the biggest Sid mark on the planet so this warms my heart. For about a month or two, Sid would squash cruiserweights and jobbers every week. Like, literally three or four times per show Sid would come in mid-match and powerbomb the “geeks” as Da Meltz would say. If only he would do this today. Imagine 3 Man Band vs. Los Matadores ending every week with Sid powerbombing them all. Little person included.

Disco Inferno is one of my favorite jobbers in wrestling history and Erik Watts was the past generation’s version of Garrett Bischoff. He sucked, no one cared about him, he dressed like a creep and was only on the roster due to nepotism. The match ends perfectly with a glorious sign and Sid promo as Disco hits the Disco Stunner for the lesser of pin falls we’d see.


STRAIGHT INTO THE ACTION, BROTHER. Wow, Erik Watts is not very good! At all! Thankfully, it isn’t long before we see the ‘Boring… WHERE’S SID?’ sign, which made me have to pause the video and laugh out loud for a full thirty seconds. The in-ring action continues (Disco’s finisher was a stunner?!?) but the real fun to be had is with Sid’s scintillating backstage promo

I feel sorry…
For the participants…
For they know…
The name Sid will scream…
From the gallery.

I’m no poetry expert, but I know what I like, and that speaks to my soul.

Part 2: Sid vs. Erik Watts


Disco Inferno starts cutting a promo but quite frankly I go caught up in wanting Sid to come out and annihilate Fandango Sr, so I didn’t really hear much of what he said but I can confirm that it did not matter at all. A wild Sid appears and gives Disco a much needed powerbomb. Thank God. Then this maniac goes over and “powerbombs” Watts.

He then proceeds to pin him for the three count because that is the only way this could make any sense. Disco gets a second powerbomb because fuck ’em.


My guy Disco with a wonderful promo before my more loved guy Sid comes out and wrecks his shit. Sid’s chokeslam is among my favorite versions in wrestling. Big Show and Kane‘s are whack and The Undertaker‘s falls short to the Sidster and Hurricane Helms.

Sid looks in disgust at Erik Watts and his abysmal gear which I’m sure is what causes him to powerbomb Watts. The United States champion Charles Robinson updates Sid’s totally legit, not at all inflated 81-0 win streak.


Disco is cutting a promo about being a main eventer, which is something that all main eventers do. NEVER MIND THAT SHIT THOUGH, HERE COMES SID. SID IS HERE. SID IS HERE. THAT’S GOTTA BE SID. Chokeslam to Disco, power bomb to Erik Watts. 1-2-3, and then an awkward cut to the crowd because WELCOME TO WCW MONDAY NITRO.

Part 3: Sid vs. Disco Inferno


“Sid got the stick,” says Schiavone. “The stick” is an insider term for “douchey thing to call a microphone.” We get a gre… oh man, I always loved the WCW logo they used during this time. Remember when that logo was the entrance way? That was the knee’s bees. The goat’s gruff, if you will… Sorry, got distracted by nostalgia while watching nostalgia. We get a great promo here with a hot crowd.

Sid speaks of how he has been stereotyped as a dumb guy while but most of his words are just slowly spewed and slurred. He’s like The Ultimate Warrior reading a script meant for Scott Steiner. He was obviously never in choir or theater because “Dude Can’t Enunciate” (that’s my new catchphrase. T-Shirts coming soon).

As you can see by the laser pointer that keeps wobbling all over Sid’s body, Goldberg had hired the worst hitman in history to take Sid out that night. I set myself up for a Goldberg injuring Bret Hart joke here but do we really need that? Didn’t think so. Sid is still talking and finally he quits the talking. At least he emphasized that this was about the belt. We end with a third powerbomb to Disco Inferno. The best happy ending.


Sid’s music plays and WCW does their usual camera pan out before going to commercial break. But Sid isn’t done just yet. More powerbombs and an eloquent promo are to be had. Sid talks about…… a lot of people. Bobby Heenan, Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit, Bret Hart and “Billy Boy” Goldberg to be exact.

Sid clearly states he doesn’t want “trash” like Disco and Watts to touch his US title belt. Little did Sid know Disco was an ex TV champ, cruiserweight champ and tag team champ! Literally, I can promise you that Sid doesn’t know this.

The Psycho one delivers my favorite promo: “They will sing only one name and the name will be Sid! Sid! SID! SID! SID! SID! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSid! Hahahahahahaha! Let’s get one more.”

Powerbomb to Disco. 82-0! Long live Sid.


Sid’s music plays as he power bombs Disco again. This is AMAZING. New Jack-esque, if you will. There’s a Sid promo, and why are the fans booing him??! He’s the best! The way he says ‘Mr Hogan’ and ‘Mr Hart’ and dismisses Goldberg as ‘Billy Boy’ makes this feel VERY real. He’s definitely going off the script!

There’s a laser pointer on Sid’s face. We love the Attitude Era. His ‘Sid’ chant doesn’t take off, because this crowd is the worst. Another power bomb to Disco, and that’s all she wrote. Incredible segment. Sid for Wrestlemania 30.

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