Sexy Wrestler of The Week

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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Let’s do hella flips and get some big air while we name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

      I have spent another week counting your votes and these results did not disappoint! I was worried you all were going to be goofing around and throwing in joke names like you tend to do sometimes but that was not the case. It was a very good week of vote counting for me. I just love to spend all of my time doing it! I also made amends with past foes and even secured some extra money for my pockets in the process. Luckily it won’t get in the way of my work here.

      The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is Neville! GRAVITY MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS SENSATIONAL HUNK BUT WE SURE WON’T. We just so happened to catch up with Neville as he was grabbing lunch at McDonald’s today. He doesn’t need a car as he can just fly around everywhere. I bet he grabbed a Big Mac!

      What do you think Neville bought at McDonald’s? What would you get from McDonald’s if you were there right now? Not sure? Check out their menu online here! Leave your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this with your friends. Thanks!