Awkward Moment of the Week: Master P in WCW

    • Awkward Moment of the Week: Master P in WCW

      Let’s be honest. Wrestling is weird. This a feature that highlights the pictures, videos, tweets and moments from the wrestling world that feels too weird to be true.

      This week’s awkward moment? We go back to WCW 1999 and take a look at one of Master P‘s appearances. Feuding with the West Texas Rednecks, P and the No Limit Soldiers react to Curt Hennig playing his song “Rap Is Crap.”

      What’s so awkward about this particular video? Let’s go down the line…..

      • It takes the No Limit Soldiers over 10 seconds to realize a country song is playing instead of their rap song.


      • As a reaction to being quite angry, Master P jumps up and down in claiming he’s gonna get “rowdy rowdy” and “bout it bout it.” Didn’t Konnan use that catch phrase as a pleasant thing? Now P uses it in anger. WHO DO WE BELIEVE?


      • To his credit, Master P realizes he’s being booed and responds to the crowd with “Y’all don’t want none of us?”


      • Konnan shamefully raising his hand in the air as the song plays. He looks so miserable.


      • An unmasked Rey Mysterio Jr. reminding Master P to break the Rap Is Crap record. Rey then trying to get the crowd into it while looking like he’s suffering from a taser shot.
        (Disclaimer: Not a real taser even though there were approximately 350 of those spots in WCW.)


      • The geeky white guy in the No Limit Soldiers doing the army salute that no one in the group is responding to.


      • Eric Bischoff claiming WWF offered three times the money to Master P and he turned it down for WCW. Considering WCW paid Master P $200,000 per appearance and about $1,000,000 in total, we can safely report that this was a lie. Easy E would go on to lie for another 14 years.


      • It’s been almost 15 years and still no one knows what “Hoody Hoo” means.


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