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Awkward Moment of the Week: 24 Hours With Sunny

Let’s be honest. Wrestling is weird. This a feature that highlights the pictures, videos, tweets and moments from the wrestling world that feels too weird to be true.

This week’s awkward moment is 24 hours of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s Facebook statuses. With past Sunny social media making the awkward rounds, a reader suggested this be a follow up sequel. We couldn’t not oblige.

Going into a date with honorable intentions, Sunny finds some bad luck.

She just wants to meet her soulmate. Help the case of love, Celebreality TV!

Unfortunate situation but her play by play is stellar enough to make recently forced away retiree Jim Ross jealous.

In between live status-updating muggings and looking for a reality dating show, Tammy is kind enough to share her cooking recipes.

Yeah, stop getting hits off Sunny’s train wreck life! What a bunch of low lives! Wait….

PW Spyware just wanted to appease your prior status, woman!

All’s well that ends well.

You can cuddle with Sunny or listen to her talk about how great she is on the Art of Wrestling.

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